Tricks to Keep the Sheets with Order

Keep in order sheets and Quilt covers clean at home can sometimes be a difficult task.Because although the first time that we keep them we try to establish an order, placing piles by colors or games, there comes a time in which the disparate use finishes with the harmony of the Cabinet or drawer where we store them. In the end, eventually finds tedious work to find sheets and covers the same game, and even the same size.

This is why we have compiled three tricks very useful and practical to keep in order and located the sets of sheets:

1. each game on its cover

An ingenious, simple and very practical form of save games covers so no piece is not lost. The idea is the same that we use to keep socks according to healthinclude. The mechanics are as follows:

Fold in squares or rectangles roughly equal the bottom sheet and the countertop. If the game has two pillowcases, fold one square shaped. If the game only has a pillow because it is for a 90 cm bed, then book the case unfolded.

Stacked sheets of the game with the cover (if this applies) and gets the pile inside the case you’ve left away. Stuck once everything is you sort of bag that becomes the cover and that you can fold in half to wrap it well organized. The same mechanics used for pillowcases comforter, which occupied a little more space inside the pillow case.

With this trick you have located all parts of each bedding set and you do not mix bags with linens sheets or tops of other sets. Moreover, looking at the pattern of the pillowcase that covers the entire game, you will be very comfortable to have it located and hand without having to alter the order of your sheets.


2. by games

Many times we do not find the pillowcase that will play with a sheet simply by a problem of organization. In addition to the previous trick, you can group each set of sheets in-countercorresponding.

I.e., first turn the case (or cases) and the local and put them one above the other. You doblas after the countertop in half lengthwise and place it in the Center other parts you just fold.Finally, close the top as if it were a triptych on this mound and thus is all organized in a single “pack”. If you think about it carefully, it is the way in which tend to package the sets of sheets in the stores, because ordered, without wrinkles are and take up less space.

3. by type of savanna and measures

Another way to have organized your closet for sheets and Quilt covers, especially if they are all very similar, or without distinguishing details, is to place parts in heaps, differentiating pillowcases, sheets, sheets and duvet covers. In this way, you always know what lot go when you need a sheet in particular and you won’t need to mess up everything to find what you are looking for.

If you have beds of different measuresat home, you can differentiate the sheets and pillowcases for each measure (double or single) storing them, for example, on different shelves or drawers. On each shelf you will have a single measurement sheets placed in piles of pillowcases, sheets, and countertops. In this way you will save having to deal with lots of different sizes just to get rid.