TRIWA Watches, Innovative And Extravagant Watches From Sweden

Today we want tointroduce you to our new brand TRIWA, which we have been online recently. TRIWA is a word creation and is composed of the English terms: TR ansformin the I ndustry of WA tches. The collection of this innovative watch designer is already at the first look different than what you know. Consistently, fashion trends and styles are not there, because TRIWA wants to set trends and not follow any currents without being behind it. So clearly it is like all other things synonymous in the first taste, but TRIWA watches are definitely not 08/15, which can be fixed at this point already times.

They themselves say that they congratulate every TRIWA buyer for this election, but they assume that TRIWA, like themselves, are artists of the heart. In any case, it is about lucidity, colors, to stand out and present themselves, if one reads the Markentxte to take a picture of this label. In each sentence it is clear how much TRIWA strives to stand out from the crowd and to take the personality and individuality of each individual into the foreground.

Let’s take a closer look at the individual models: Le Bleu Nevi l is a sporty chronograph with a nylon bracelet in the colors blue, white and red. Flourishing indexes will never leave you in the dark and in addition to the analogue time there is also a 24-hour -Display. Continue with the Turtle Twist Brasco with a stylish brown leather strap. The gold dial is really an eye-catcher and is completed with the blue chronographs.
Last but not least, we would like to mention the Alabaster Nevil, which has a nice aura with its beige leather bracelet and the light blue dial so you can get a good mood. Just this cream-beige / blue mixture is really not often found and gives the watch a very special touch. We find that TRIWA has not necessarily exaggerated with the announcement of designing extraordinary and individual watches and can only recommend them very warmly.