Thick tights give you thin legs

when it comes to autumn and winter attire, I welcome the fact that it again will be cold enough to use my tight tights. The dark color camouflages joys as also for tights.

Therefore gets dark pantyhose our legs to thinning out. You get even more out of this optical deception, when you select tight pantyhose with minimum 40 denier. The higher denier the closer and thus dark pantyhose get you. Denier will be often abbreviated the.

So turns tight tights two mis-selling to some of my favorite outfits. The dress I bought in the summer sale at Cos for some years ago. I was so excited about the fit, that I forgot my critical gaze in the test room and not discovered that it is at least five centimeters too short. What shortsne is concerned, I have to say that my love of dots apparently makes blind. For a single critical eye should have been enough to establish that they were too short for me.

when I write that these dresses are too short for me, it takes its point of departure in that we attract attention to where the vehicle ends on our body. My legs are least in the middle on the knees. I would therefore like to attract attention to my knees. When the dress ends above the knees and shortsne far up on my thighs, I’m thicker out because I attract attention to a place on my legs that are wider than the narrowest place.

it is in this context, the thick stockings will be my friend. Because they get my legs to see thinning out, I feel nonetheless comfortable in two pieces of clothing, which I will never use with just legs.

Know your tights and choose wisely