Types of Belts for Clothes

Belt is your best friend, which helps you to highlight the body at its narrowest and makes you look less out. The waist is the place on the narrowest part of the body, where you need to put your belt, so you define your forms rather than hide them.


Now I have found out that the narrowest point is just below the bust. It makes a tremendous difference to my figure. A right belt will give new life to several dresses.

1. Narrow belts

A narrow belt is best to decorate or create color contrast on an upper, which already has a marked waistline or incision as cheap accessories. You can use them to mark a waist in clothes, which are easily drowned in longitudinal wrinkles around the belt.

2. Wide belts

A wide belt is best to mark the waist. Strap width not only just marks but also shows your waist, and it does not drown in the wrinkles. A large buckle attracts attention to your stomach. If you want to avoid this, you can choose the strap that the buckle is sitting in the back.

3. Wide tie belt

A tie belt is popular. It fits the most occasions when the stomach is a bit inflated. And it works as a nice little detail on the overall outfit.