Types of Pants for Womens

Ladies-pants began to sneak into the fashion picture last year and has already this season settled immoveable as one of the great trends.

I have long been a familiar confused about what this garment truly is for something. For in my head it is a pair of pants with wide legs, ending in the middle of the calf. That is why I have gone far beyond about this trend, since such length is not flattering to my figure. It highlights the widest place on my add and get me at the same time to sight lower than I actually am.

On the basis of my confusion, I’ve looked around on the net for me a little bit to become smarter. Immediately I will be confirmed in the above definition and can add that this type of pants is no new invention. They were already very popular back in the Victoria era, where women used them as breeches, so they could use a man’s saddle with a leg on each side of the horse, instead of that page in the dress of a lady saddle with both legs on the same side of the horse.

City shorts and Skorts
In my attempt to be clued up on culotterne, I stumbled on the name skorts, which I had forgotten about. Skorts are equal to a pair of shorts, which in its design looks like a skirt. It is, of course, in a way a very clever invention, since with such a couple may avoid klisterlår in the heat of the summer.

And then there is of course also just city short. Short pants with pleats on front and zipper. So shorts that are a little more in the direction of General pants, unlike shorts with elastic waist.

Yes, it can be very, what vehicle section is called, and how I have it with my new shorts.
According to Gap, I have bought a few “Pleated culottes”. It is so culotter, even though the ending at the knee. The many pleats head my thoughts onto the city shorts, while the wide cut legs causes them to remind a little of a few skorts.

Therefore, I ended up with to retain shortsne I clicked in the first instance these shorts (for now to call them something really fourth) in the curve, because they are so long that they go right down to the knee. It is the best length for me, but it’s just not that easy to find when it comes to shorts.

Shorts, up to size 52, ca. 260 USD + shipping, GAP
T-shirt, H & M previous season when I tried them for the first time, I took them off again quickly with a decision that they should be swapped. The large load gives much volume around the abdomen, and they were a little awkward to get them closed because the zipper is sitting in the side. But there was still something about the shorts, and that is why I tried them again a few days later. Maybe it was just one of those days when I saw on my body with a little more friendly eyes. In any case, I decided to keep the short pants. For I am quite snug on that they have such a high waist that they go up over both stomach one and two and therefore is pretty good for a tight-fitting upper garment, which will be put down into his pants. And then I also like the fact that they have suffered from the more classic look from the cityshortsne, which for me makes these shorts are not just a leisure trousers, but also can be used on both work and for brunch or lunch at a café.

So I just to add that missing trousers are 54% cotton and 46% linen and curls as just damn.

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