Understand How Does the Presence Sensor LED Light Bulbs

The presence sensor is a device that, when it detects motion through waves, triggers any lighting lamp, reflector etc. That means that the light is turned on only when the person is in this space and stays on when detecting any movement or for a predetermined time, if the person is left standing. Both the distance range as the field of view can and must be adjusted to ensure the best use.

Many people believe that constant drive contributes to the burning lamp, but this is only true when it comes to the fluorescent type because of your composition. Inside the gas fluorescent lamps, and every time she is on, it wears out and cause a reduction in your life. Soon, the presence sensor is not responsible for burning, but the low resistance of the lamp, which does not happen with the LED according to toughestflashlights.

Thanks to LED technology, the durability is not affected when a sensor comes into play, since it is measured according to the hours of consumption and not with the amount of times the lamp is lit. With this, you don’t have to worry about burning, especially because the LED has a shelf life of up to 50,000 hours.

Benefits of presence sensor

Several advantages can be listed on the presence sensor, and one of the most important is the economy. It is common for a lot of people forget to turn off the light when leaving an environment, which can be reflected in the value of the account at the end of the month. Using a sensor, you prevent it from happening in the future, since the lamp will stop automatically after a certain time without motion detection.

When the lamp type implemented to work with the sensor is LED, this economy is even greater thanks to the low power consumption and high durability. In addition to these points, the practicality is also another important benefit. After placing the sensor, you may need a short time to adjust, but no doubt that will be an investment which you will not regret it.

What is the best space to have a presence sensor?

Good lighting can be the difference in any environment to make it more attractive, and the presence sensor is a great option that will help to ensure that your objectives in the planning of your LED lighting project . This technology, although it can be adapted to different types of spaces, is best enjoyed when implemented in key places, such as:

  • Condo;
  • bathroom;

The PDLED offers consulting services to guide you on the best option for your space. Our professional staff can inform you about the operation of the presence sensor, then contact us or request a visit!