Underwear-Basic Item Accessory!

The underwear is no longer just a product to cover the private parts and has become a fashion accessory for men. Want to know more?

May look different to read a post about underwear, but without a doubt, at the time, vanity is no longer a topic only female. Men now are thinking more about how to get out of the House more stylish, that shoe combines with that shirt and some details that were common in the feminine universe.

And it’s not different also in the world of intimate fashion. The stores are producing increasingly different parts with comfort, flexibility and style for men. And although formerly the man don’t give a lot of importance to underwear models or stuff like that, today this man has changed, which made companies pay more attention to how to please your audience.

The audience of men wearing panties by increased fine. Is so much demand that fashion campaigns concerning the play are with famous and celebrities. One is the brand Calvin Klein, a brand icon and whose poster boy the singer Justin Bieber. In black and white photos and poses that give prominence to the body, the campaign was a success of world repercussion in both media and sales.

The fabric of the panties and models vary, always having to consider what is right for each body type. The models range from slip, thong, boxers, tanga and more used nowadays, the boxer. The colors range from black, basic gray and white when printed (even with cartoon) however the preference among the female audience is still white.

Tips for buying underwear:

As nowadays the underwear is no longer that gift that only was given by the aunt, mother or grandmother, and became a stylish and different for gift giving, let’s leave tips for who’s looking to buy underwear, whether men or women:

-Some fabrics and colors should have special care in time to wash. Dark parts fade more quickly if not properly washed, with certain products.

-Check the size: use stretchy pants too much compromises the whole sense of comfort of your day to day as your outfit is comfortable, if not the same with your underwear doesn’t help!

-Try to dare once in a while. You may not want to use a different style on a first date, but you can choose a different piece of trivial to try once in a while. You might be surprised like something totally different from your style of dress.

-Look for the brands of underwear on Specialità. Even if you don’t understand much about it at all, just relax while doing your shopping in a place where subject matter experts have already made a pre-selection for you. Specialità window marks already are approved by who else understands intimate fashion, so the chance of you hitting the choice is much greater.