Universities in Australia Are Banning the Use of Smart Watches

The wearable devices market has been around for some time, but it really started to grow in the last six months. Apple Watch was finally released and began to win over thousands of people who were skeptical of the product style. There is also Pebble Time, who became extremely famous after his campaign on the Kickstarter, which managed to raise more than $ 20 million in a few days.

Universities in Australia Are Banning the Use of Smart Watches

Many still believe that smart watches are just watches, but in reality they are small computers that fit the wrist.That is precisely why the device began to be banned in some places;Even before the launch of Apple Watch the devices were already being banned in universities around the world.

According to Business Insider, La Trobe University in Melbourne and the University of New South Wales in Sydney do not allow students to wear wearable devices. Both universities are from Australia, they explained that due to the advancement of technology it is not possible to use any kind of clock during the tests.

The decision may seem exaggerated, but considering that devices like Moto 360, Watch Urbane, among others, can be confused with a normal watch, is a great precaution for the colleges.In the United States, some universities also do not accept the use of the device during exams.

It’s still at the beginning of this market, but smart watches and bracelets are likely to change some laws in the future.Possibly some traffic rules will eventually be modified to adapt to the new world;Currently smartphones and tablets are already responsible for causing traffic accidents, the case of smart watches can even make it worse.