Unlikely Symptoms of Pregnancy

Some women love being mothers but they hate being pregnant, you see some unlikely pregnancy symptoms that can lead to these cases.

Unlikely Symptoms of Pregnancy

When the woman becomes pregnant, she soon begins to feel the common symptoms of pregnancy that are: dizziness, bloating, cramps, back pain, heartburn, nausea and drowsiness.

However, some pregnant women may experience other symptoms that are completely different from those mentioned above.

Unlikely Pregnancy Symptoms


Itching is an unusual symptom that appears in up to 20% of pregnant women.

This happens because of the dryness of the skin, caused by the increase in the rate of HCG.

By the 26th week, striae also appear, which further intensifies itching in specific areas, such as the breasts, belly and hips, because of the rapid stretching of the skin and the breakdown of cutaneous collagen fibers.

Heavy sweat

The increase in body temperature is a symptom known to most pregnant women because, in addition to the extra weight they carry and it requires more effort, blood flow increases impacting blood vessels.

Blurry vision

With hormonal changes, there is the possibility that tear production will become unbalanced, causing the eye to become dry.

Burning, sensitivity to light, and blurred vision may harm a pregnant woman.

Pregnant women who wear glasses should seek an ophthalmologist because it may be necessary to increase the degree of lenses.

Covered ear

Some pregnant women complain of tightened ears or frequent buzzing.

In both cases, the first thing to do is rule out more serious problems like a rubella infection or blood pressure problems.

Pregnant women do not need to despair because the capped ear can be caused by a swelling in the mucosa because of fluid retention.

In this case the pregnant woman should expect that symptom to disappear with the end of the pregnancy.

Stuffy nose

This symptom may also be caused by the retention of fluid common in pregnancy, which causes the nasal mucosa to swell.

According to experts, this problem can continue until the baby is born. The treatment consists of the application of saline, to clear the airways and to reduce the obstruction.


There are three causes that can make coughing frequent in pregnancy: the sensitivity of the immune system, which helps the occurrence of flu and other respiratory infections; nasal obstruction accompanied by the production of mucus that creates the cough and the diminution in the efficiency of the cilia located in the bronchi, whose function is to expel the mucus.

These 6 unlikely symptoms of pregnancy affect only a small part of the pregnant women, but you have to keep an eye on them.

So if you are experiencing any of these symptoms for no apparent reason, you may be expecting a baby, have a pregnancy test, and see a doctor to confirm that you are pregnant.