Vertical Gardens Are Great for Those Who Have Little Space!

There are several ways to create a vertical garden

Vertical Gardens Are Great for Those Who Have Little Space!

This below, is built with pallets

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The well-known shoemakers at the fair are also good options…

This is a real vegetable garden!

Next we reproduce the PET technique of Marcelo Rosenbaum that recites pets to create the garden:

This method, developed by the architect Marcelo Rosenbaum, reuses plastic bottles to compose a beautiful vertical garden. The suggestion is ideal for homes that do not have large areas for gardens. In addition, it also becomes a solution for waste, which are no longer discarded and gain a different utility from the original. The bottles are suspended, tied in ropes of clotheslines.


– Empty and clean 2 liter PET bottle;

– Scissors

– Rope, string, twine or wire rope

– For those who opt for wire ropes or wires, two washers per PET bottle

– Earth

– Plant change

Way Of Doing

Cut the PET bottle, as in the picture below.

To fix the bottles, we must make two holes at the bottom of the bottle and two at the top of the bottle. You can understand right looking at the photo above. In addition to the holes to pass the rope, you need a small hole in the bottom of the bottle. The water used to water the seedlings must drain.

After that, thread the rope through a hole and pull the other.

Many people have asked us how to make sure that the bottles do not “slip” by the rope (or string, or string). Thanks for the collaboration and participation. With this in mind, we have drawn up two drawings with two suggestions.

– For Those Who Use Clothesline Or String:

Then simply stretch and fasten the rope to the wall.

Material sent to the Sustainable Architecture by the collaborator Marcos Roberto Moacir Ribeiro Pinto

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