Vintage and Modern

This morning, when I finished assembling the look, I left the room and ran into the boy back from the race. He: “how modern and vintage. And modern. And vintage.”

Oh, men. I think I’m going to set up a tumblr just with the catchphrases that they emit about our looks.

What I love about the men’s sentences is that they have this ability to simplify everything and, through the simple simplify, manage to express perfectly the essence of things.

The look of today’s it. A confusion of o.r. references past with future references, a great mash up that winds up the present.

Sounds like music from Djavan. The truth is that the look was inspired by one of the fashion icons of my childhood: tennis.

No, I’m not talking about the shoe, I’m talking about the sport. One in which people are pounding the ball with the racket. This. So, since little kid that I think clothes playing tennis the most charming thing of this world. It wasn’t for nothing that Lacoste was born right there in the field.

I thought those outfits the most graceful and feminine this world: skirts, shirts, Polo faixinhas rounds. All super girlie and lady.

The look of today drink in this font. Starting at the top: a knitting super lightweight and that, were it not for the absence of an alligator, could have stepped out of an old collection of Lacoste. OK, it’s not pole. But there’s a whole design and colors and this thing down blocada with listrinhas upon which, for me, is all about the brand.

At the bottom, as I couldn’t really be a white poodle skirts short, took to reuse the skirt white round midi.

I’m not really liking things combinadinhas, but today I had to make an exception. I was wearing each piece and thinking it was getting so cute there wasn’t more to change your mind. Before I knew it, there I was with red, white and blue shirt and shoe red, blue and white.

The madness of the combination was such that until the lipstick came into history and was rash.

Finally, the two touches of modernity that probably gave rise to the phrase of homi.

Is that, when I saw in the mirror wearing a skirt, blouse and high stocking, I thought the whole thing was asking for a touch of modernice and, why not, some good humor. That’s when they entered: the bag of the moment (crazy for weeks of work) and the mirrored glasses handsome.

Legal notice that the glasses, despite being espelhadão, he has a round format which has a tantrum there somewhere in the past.

Damn, and I still had the red lipstick! Too much for one day!

I just wanted to finish the post saying that tomorrow we will have a day full of surprises here on the blog. I’m not going to say anything else to pay little flag.