Vodafone Improvement Capacity and Speed of Its Mobile Internet

It seems that users of Mobile Internet remain in the focus of operators and although for now no appreciable improvements in the contract rates are improving benefits. This time is Vodafone who has moved tab on the line of what we talked about at the beginning of month.

Improved capacities and speeds on the modalities of Data flat rates for use from your computer: both for those that include only the data that are the so-called Plus browse and browse Mini that include flat rates for voice either from the mobile browse and talk or from home browse and speech House.

All bend its theoretical maximum capacity of discharge passes from 3.6 Mbps to 7.2 Mbps and rise of 1Mbps to 2Mbps. It is to highlight the improvement in the speed of ascent that will help the users of web 2.0 to improve your interaction with the different services.

Browse Mini much data traffic as browse and speaking at home board your allowance of 200 MB to 500 MB, exceeded this limit will be charged 1.9 euros per day.

Browse Plus and browse and speaking board your 3GB traffic allowance to 4GB and in this case the “penalty” for overcoming it is via reduction of speed to 128 kbps down and 64 kbps upload.

And as aunciabamos expands the general offer of mobile Internet with the new modem USB HSUPA K3765, available from €0 1, which allows to reach the designated speed.