Vodafone Launches HTC Desire HD and Desire Z in Spain, Prices and Fees Associated

Movidito morning from Vodafone with the presentation at the SIMO of their HTC Desire Z and HD, we have associated to our market prices and rates and expect them to be better accepted than the of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in yesterday.

Phones will arrive on November 8 in the market, and we know that there is enough interest in the new HTC terminal operating system Android. We highlight the new version of the customization coming with two phones HTC Sense, passing the barrier of the aesthetic and functional aspects to plunge in the services.

HTC Desire HD, for private individuals and professionals

Starting by the HTC Desire HD, private customers may do with it from 0 euros with portability and permanence of 18 months, choosing a consumption of 59.9 euros/month and rate of 15 euros flat.

It is also possible to acquire it for 99 euros with a minimum consumption of voice of 19.9 euros a month and 15 euros or 199 euros flat rate with rates “A mi aire” with a minimum consumption of €9 per month and Flatrate for smartphones from €15.

For professionals will offer the HTC Desire HD for 49 euros with portability and permanence of 18 months in the new Plan connects voice and Internet Plus. This plan involves an expenditure of 25 euros/month and includes 1000 minutes from tarifa flat voice from Monday to Friday from 8 h to 20 h to mobile and fixed national and professional email on your phone.

Not yet available in the Red operator points catalog, but I anticipate that you can buy for 99 euros and 3,500 points, and for 0 euros with 4,500 points.

HTC Desire Z, by now for professionals

This time we don’t have information on the offer to individuals, and we inform you that company’s clients for as self-employed can acquire the HTC Desire Z for 39 euros with portability and permanence of 18 months in the new Plan connects voice and Internet Plus.

The main difference between both terminals can be found in the presence of a QWERTY keyboard sliding in the z, and somewhat higher in the HD model specifications: display 4.3 inches, more RAM and an 8 megapixel camera. Go through your product pages to learn more about them: HTC Desire Z and HTC Desire HD.