Wake Up With 3 Stylish Alarm Clock

I love watches and clocks differ. For more practical to be waking up to the cell’s clock, an alarm clock with cool design is always nice to have in the room. Well, enough minutes blah blah blah, separated 3 cool alarm clocks to wake up in a good mood!

1-Lift! Get Up! Get Up!

Who never set off the alarm at the head of the bed and went back to sleep–and lost time, logical? The idea of this concept called Sfera alarm clock is that you need, in fact, get out of bed to turn it off. He is suspended above the bed and each time you press the Snooze button, he goes up a little, and more, and more… until your arm can’t reach it anymore and you have to get up.

2-Hour Projector

I’m blind (myopia and astgmatismo sent kisses), so I know it’s super hard look without glasses for the small display of alarm and see the time with sharpness.So I found the animal clock radio Coby Hours projector. In addition he has a very stylish design, he has on top a projector. As soon as Bial? I’ll explain.

It has an Led projection system of hours so that you can look at the schedule on the wall, the ceiling or where you want to design. The range is up to 2 meters. And the value is also very good: R $99.00 in Shoptime.

3–Time Is Money

As you learn that time is money? When you lose money! This is the idea of this unusual alarm clock: you put money notes in it and the program time to wake up. If you give a lazy and don’t turn it off once, the notes are perforated and your buck goes away with the lost time. Simple – and traumatic-like this!

Like the tips? So tomorrow, when you wake up and look at the touch of your scooter alarm clock, remember these animal alarm clocks! Wake up will be more fun with them.

Paul Basile-@paulinhobasile–Journalist, almost advertising, digital media specialist and a card-carrying geek. Connected 24 hours a day, spending more time on the web that with my family. Keeping an eye on all the news that roll on the network, in this column you will receive great tips on how to facilitate your life with the help of technology, be it on your smartphone, notebook, tablet or pager (I can be nostalgic and technology at the same time!)