Wall Decoration Ideas for Living Room

Time to decorate a wall, we believe that using your imagination and the variety in colors and accessories are synonymous with joy and beauty, but which is not always quite right. The wall decoration also deserves attention and care, since it is the most responsible for the visual environment.

At first, the initial way to decorate a wall is through paint. Choose your color palette carefully because some colors may cause breathlessness or feeling of excitement. Unless you want to cause a playful effect, avoid using opposing colors because they often make the  environment heavy or disharmonious.

Contrary to what you might think, you can use dark colors on the walls. The dark shades can make a more sophisticated air and highlight the rest of the decor items if used well. Avoid using these tones in small places because they could give the impression that the places are smaller. It is interesting to note that just one of the walls with the dark tone combine with a lighter one.

In the baby’s room, for example, you can use different colors on the walls. To make the most tranquil environment, the use of pastel shades on the walls and the decor are more important. Different shapes and colors can be used through wallpapers, and stimulate creativity and enhance the environment.

In the girl’s room, for example, we can use not only the pink color, but also colors like shades of purple, green, yellow, and floral prints. The base is indicated to use pastels and white to give harmony to the environment. For the hippest, most underground wallpapers make the environment cool and feminine when attached to other decorative items.

The coolest thing is to decorate the living room or bedroom with wallpapers and stickers, which show your personality. If paint is not included in the budget, invest in cast frames, mirrors, paintings, photos, trophies, flasher, skulls, ethnic prints and even graffiti. Watch out to not to overdo it and stay with a very heavy room referred from neovideogames.

The walls of your kitchen also deserve a special attention. Some types of coating could change a decoration to some degree, for example shapes that follow the retro trend, such as hydraulic tile, and granilite. For a quick reform, bumper tiles and ornaments are great choices, such as spoons, pots and tables.

Regardless of your style, there are several forms of wall decoration. Find the one that fits your style and let your hands dirty to paint!