Wall Stickers – Elegance and Simplicity

When decorating an environment of your home, the latest trend is the wall stickers.

Beautiful, practical and easy to put on, this decorative device gives a new life to any room.

Much more practical than using paint decorations, and more economical than decorated wallpapers, the stickers offer a wide range of possibilities.


There are the smaller, more detailed, and usually monochromatic stickers that are great for adding detail to environments with furniture close to the walls. According to Neovideogames, these decorative stickers are usually made in black or dark colors and their prices range from 70 to 200 reais depending on the size, and colors used.

Applications of nature themes give a special touch to the walls of more open spaces, ranging from simple flowers to representations of forests. Prices also vary according to the size of the sticker and its complexity of colors and designs, ranging from 50 to 400 reais.

Another mode that draws a lot of attention and gives a different effect to any place is the phrases placed in strategic places. Whether they are quotes by famous authors, sold already ready, or customized to order with something special for those who want it, these stickers, besides different, value the environment with a more cultural air.

There are many options: cultural clippings, such as newspaper representations; Urban, with silhouettes of buildings, streets and cars; The infantile ones, that go from sweet designs to classics of fairy tales and Disney films; Sports-inspired stickers; Such as football, volleyball and basketball; In songs, from the lyrics of certain songs, or musical notes, through instruments; Arabesques, from the most worked to the simplest; And the more specific lines: like the kitchen, with thematic designs; And bathroom fittings in matching colors with the ambient décor.


Another mode is the murals: composed of more adhesives than just for a part of the wall, these cover the entire length of one of them, giving a painting effect painted directly in the room. The prices of the models of the murals vary according to the size of the work, the theme, colors and patterns used, and many of the stores specialized in the subject offer a service of customization of this model.

Applying adhesives is simple and easy to do, simply attach the panel to be applied to the desired wall with crepe tape, remove the outer white part of the adhesive, pass the spatula carefully to attach the adhesive to the wall, and then remove the mask Remaining so delicately so that the adhesive does not come out together.


Removal can be done without damaging the wall paint with the right products.

Just choose the style that most suits you and give new air to your walls!