We Explain How to Ask Glasses to the Kings

Make sure the glasses that ask the Three Kings arrive on time.It’s very simple! You just have to realize that the color of the model and the caliber or size selected is within 24/48 hours when buying it.

You have until Wednesday to write your letter, although you know that shipments can be delayed until 48 hours, so do not rush too much and make your orders as soon as possible.

Look at this picture. We have chosen the color we like, the golden/brown mirror, but we are told that the caliber or size available for us to arrive in 24/48 hours is 55. If we display the Caliber section, we see that there are three different available: 55, 58 and 62. If we are urged, we must choose 55 as long as it is our approximate measure. We recall that the caliber is the distance in millimeters between the widest part of a lens and the widest part of that same lens. The horizontal distance measured in millimeters, let’s go!

If on the contrary we use the 58 and we love this model, we have the advantage that this glasses has many similar colors. And we could have the 58 caliber right away. Look at this example:

Look carefully and you can enjoy your gifts on time. Because it gives a lot of rage that your acquisitions do not arrive in time, especially if they are not for you, and because that person to whom you are asked, looks forward to it.

And you know that, if you do not urge and decide to opt for another model that is not in 24/48 hours, your glasses will have in about five working days without problem. Check out what they say about us and enjoy buying and giving away sunglasses, graduations and contact lenses at our site.

Do not wait for the last moment! Transportation is slower, there are more incidents and mishaps, make your orders as late as Tuesday and make sure Los Reyes Magos deliver on time.

And, if you have any problems or doubts, we will be happy to help you in our customer service between 9.30 and 19.00 hours or through the chat or mail of our page. We work hard so you are satisfied.

Thank you for trusting us and happy new year!