Wear a Bikini with Confidence

Would not it be much easier to wear a suit and jump into the sea without being too complicated girls? It’s time to think just to have fun and forget about all the problems, including cellulite, rolls of flab and anything else!

It is none of your business if we feel at ease or not with our bikinis! Rather ask us how we are, if we have already planned the holidays, what is our favorite color.

Why wear a costume should be a pleasure rather than a kind of school occurs.

Vacation, sea, relaxation and fun, that’s what should make us think about our bikini, rather than to regret for not having renewed our last subscription to the gym, to the rolls too, and that delicious pizza you’ve got dinner with friends last week.

But unfortunately, women have a real relationship of love and hatred of the summer and the main cause is precisely their fear of discovering too. The bikini, so, in recent years has become a synonym of a nightmare to relive every summer, not the chief symbol of carefree women.

One thing is certain, the inventor of the bikini can only have been a man. Because no woman out alive from puberty, could have conceived a costume can bring out even the smallest defects, from the neck down.

But really still care to someone overcome the extra-damn dress rehearsal? Really you are going to ruin your moments of relaxation at the seaside for some insecurity enhanced by a bad ideal beauty?!

The time is ripe: along with the cardigan wool and quilts, try to be fashionable, let your insecurities in the closet!

And every time you feel uncomfortable or you think your bikini grant you the expected Moby Dick, think back to this article and to the 20 questions senseless that a woman in bikini should never ask.

Finally you will have passed the true test suit: be comfortable with yourself!

1. They are too naked?

Come on, you’re on the beach! See someone wearing jeans and Diving Bell? At the beach or in the pool to be in costume is normal and expected.

It must be said, however, that there are an infinite number of bikini models. You must be the one to choose one that’s right for you, that will enhance your physique and will not make you feel too naked.

Do not forget, also, to choose the right size . If the bra of your bikini leaves nothing to the imagination, it will not be a bit ‘little one?

2. My costume is transparent?

The transparent costumes are not sexy, they are vulgar. But you know that already.

But there are healthy strategies, experienced by women very wise, to find out in advance if your new bikini is transparent or not.

First rule: prevents the colors too light. Hardly a white costume at the contact with the water becomes transparent. If you just can not help it, always choose the lined bikini.

You can do to test the degree of transparency of a two-piece already in the store. Try to expose it to sunlight straining the fabric with her hand, as if I was wearing. You see something?

3. You see the flab?

If you do, perhaps you’ll see.

But it is said that interest to someone.

Stop and think about their faults every time you wear a not only is counterproductive and useless bikini, but could also ruin an entire day at the beach.

Nobody is perfect, as demonstrated by the latest bikini photos of Megan Fox, but who cares?

Enjoy the sun and your black bikini featured by Bikiniwill.

4. What if someone sees me?

You’re mica committing a crime! The crime you commit if these silly paranoia ruin your days at sea.

Even if your body is full of defects, if you are overweight, or your ass is not a mandolin, it is your right to wear and flaunt a bikini without being problems of any kind.

I remind you that those who go to the beach just wants to have fun and relax, it is not interested in making the judge a beauty contest!

Someone sets your legs? It will be because he finds irresistible!

5. My bikini is trendy?

Dear, unless you’re not participating in the competition “Bikini year 2014” I do not think you should care.

Do you really think that the color, shape, and your bikini fabric can make you look more or less beautiful? The bikini is a boss so easy and informal, that you hardly can wear one so old-fashioned as to be noticed.

And if you do not know which one to choose, thrown on the classic: a black bikini is forever!

6. And if someone takes a photo and tag me?

Strike a pose, smile, and say “cheeeese”.

The photos are fantastic for the sea to recall the best moments of the summer spent with friends.

Of course, expect to look like a star in 90210 , with the perfect fold, amber skin and a diva, it’s a little utopia.

Your hair will be rather messy and untidy, the roll will be too much in the foreground, etc … But what a nice smile you have?

If you do not want your photos end up in bikini on social just talk straight with your friends. But with the arrival of autumn, you may regret it, you’re warned!

7. I shaved right?

Make your American motto “Long hair, dont’care”, ie do not worry of unwanted hair.

If you go to the beach with unkempt hair is not very feminine, they become an obsession is a bit ‘as fixed.

So do not worry if you find a few hairs here and there on your legs.

It happens to us all, more often than you think.

Rather, remember that the only ones to notice the razor escaped hairs and waxing, you will be just you. What to do? Do not fake esservene noticed.

8. What if I sit slips out of costume?

Unless you do not use superglue to keep attached to your body bikini fabric, you can just accept without paranoia that could happen sooner or later a piece of your B-side swing away to get some ‘sunshine.

It is not an unsolvable problem.

Just settle down the costume, as we do all. If just that feeling of “temporary nudity” troubling you, then choose a very snug custom or tighten the strings as much as possible.

9. We note too the inner thigh?

You’re in a bikini, your inner thighs is totally discovered: sure that you notice!

Or rather, you only notice if someone comes to see it. But trust me, it’s not that people go to the sea to the interior looking more toned thigh of the plant!

If the inner thigh is your weak point and do not love to put it on display, try to wear two-piece with shorts, will help you feel more at ease.

10. And if there are kids around?

Why should it be a problem?

You are a fundamentalist Amish?

Unless you are not going to take the full sun on a beach for families, show two-piece front of the kids should not worry.

Do you really think that today’s children can be upset in front of a bikini?