Wedding Decoration: Find out What will Be in High

Learn about the major trends to decorate weddings in 2018 and be inspired.

Wedding Decoration: Find out What will Be in High

The 2018 wedding decoration has everything to be more fun, cool and cozy. She will enhance the style of the couple and custom details. Find out which trends are confirmed by experts.

Many couples have begun searching the internet the news of the marriage market. They are keeping an eye on fashion trends, and, of course, cuisine. Next year, new aspects will invade the ceremonies and parties throughout the Brazil.

Key trends for wedding decor 2018

The House and Party on the internet the main panned trends in wedding decor 2018. Check out and get inspired:

1-Romantic Contemporary Decoration

Have you heard of this decorating style? Because you know that he is on the rise in the ceremonies and weddings. To promote this idea, just combine elements of romanticism, like flowers and lace, with modern furniture and objects (and mirrored acrylic parts, for example). When mounting the color palette, give preference to the white, purple and marsala.

2 – old Port at the entrance of the wedding

To leave the most charming outdoor wedding, nothing better than to decorate the entrance with an old wooden door. The play is also an excellent option to mark out the path that the bride must go through to get to the altar.

The doors are worn welcome to decoration and can be adorned with different elements, such as fabrics, flowers and paper.


The place marked in marriage is a way to let the event more organized, comfortable and practical. To make reservations, you can bet on creative ideas, such as using cards with the names of the guests. It is worth remembering that these markers must follow the same line of the style of decoration.

4 – new types of desserts

Even the wedding menu is being influenced by the news from the bridal market. Among the new desserts they earn space, it is worth highlighting the thousand leaves, creamy cheese with sweet milk and the milk shake.

The honeys with fresh fruits are also rated for marriages of 2018. Among the options, are the delicacies prepared with blueberries, figs and physalis.

5-decorated Chairs

It is not enough just to bet on comfortable chairs to accommodate the guests. Need to decorate them with decorations related to the style of the decoration. If the ceremony is held on the beach, for example, can leave the chairs with a navy style. Already in a romantic context and boho, the garlands of flowers are perfect for decorating these furniture.


Are you tired of pompous and flawless flowers on wedding decoration? So bet on Succulents. These plants reinforce commitment to the rustic style and can even serve as a souvenir gift for the guests.

7-Handwriting in fabric

The handwriting in fabric is a trend that promises to leave the party or the most sophisticated ceremony. The technique is to write sentences in pieces of fabric, which will be used to decorate the chairs of the bride and groom, the guests ‘ tables and many other corners of the special event.

8-strings and natural fibres

The rustic continues in high in the wedding market, proof of this is the success of ropes and natural fibers in the decoration. Next year, the bride and groom can invest in decorating with basketry. Valley since neutral pieces to the more elaborate, like African and indigenous.

9-Well-married wrapped with fabric

Forget the traditional crepe paper. In 2018, the bem-casados will decorate the main table with “new clothes”. Fabric packs make a scene, especially the raw cotton and lace.

10-industrial Wedding

After breaking into the houses, the industrial style finally came to weddings. Modern and minimalist, he values elements like foliage, metals, concrete, light bulbs-wires and plumbing.

11-rugs and carpets

The rugs and carpets are not only home decoration items. They also serve to decorate the venue of the ceremony or the wedding party. The Tapestry can bet on ethnic prints, Persians, colorful, vintage or sober. The choice will depend on the style of the decoration and also the preference of the bride and groom.

12-wedding at home

The gigantic wedding, arranged for hundreds of guests, is out of fashion. The trend now is the event held at home, with a most intimate and cozy. The decoration should be simple, romantic, and able to appreciate the couple’s love story.

13-custom objects

The floral arrangements are not the only option for decorating a wedding. Next year, the custom objects will be high, as is the case of clocks, typewriters, old bikes, suitcases, crockery and frames. These items are capable of transmitting a feeling of coziness.

14-organic elements and simple

No more crystal chandeliers! The fashion now is to make use of organic elements and simple, as is the case in linen, wood, natural straw and cotton.

15-New cakes

Forget a little wedding cake with three floors. The trend now is the big cake, discreet and with a single floor. The flavors that are conquering the preference of brides are marshmallow, chocolate and cookies.


It’s been a while since the balloon is no longer thing of birthday party. He won space at weddings, and can be used in joyful and surprising compositions. The word balloons are beautiful as centerpiece and backdrop of even engaged.

17-little Flower

The little flower, when used in large quantities, can compose beautiful arrangements to decorate wedding parties. She is simple, charming, delicate and allows you to create amazing compositions.

18-long Tables

This story of renting several tables to accommodate the guests. The trend now is to bet on a long table, which facilitates interaction between the people at the party. The mobile suits, especially with outdoor weddings.

And there? What did you think of wedding decor trends 2018? Leave a comment.