Wedding Impressions Models, Tips

For the wedding day, aside from the bride you have to choose the dress, shoes, jewelry, makeup and hairstyle, it is still necessary to think of an accessory for the highlights. We must opt for the traditional veil, but there are other options in the spotlight today, among them is the Scull Cap. Still don’t know the accessory? Here are some models and know how to use them:

For who doesn’t know, the Scull CAP is an accessory that descended from the cross between a hat and a tiara. He emerged in the years 1920 and was very successful in the post-war period, especially not to use too much tissue, therefore, fit to the lack of raw materials occurred in the time of recession.

The skull cap is an alternative to the traditional veil. It can be stuck in the hair of brides through a clip the same tiara. Usually they are embellished with details such as lace, delicate, fine feathers, tulle, Ribbon bows, fabric flowers, brooches at WeddinginFashion with Rhinestones and embroidery too, be they with precious stones or pearls. In addition to the common ornaments, some impressions have a detail called voillette, which is a short veil and poured over his face, which appeared in France in the year 1910.

Noting that for the Scull Cap enhance the look of the bride you need to tailor your style to dress model, otherwise the result will be overdone or cheesy. If your dress is very simple you can dare to choose the Scull CAP, but adéque it to the selection of accessories such as earrings.