Wedding Sandals for Beach or Country Wedding

On preferentially lower models, there are several possibilities for brides when choosing your shoe for outdoor weddings

Marriage is the dream of a good number of women, but not all dream of the traditional church ceremony.More and more marriages celebrated in alternative places, like field and beach, have been gaining fans, who wish to make an unforgettable party in the light of day in different places.

For brides who choose the field or beach, an accessory deserves special attention:the shoe.Because of the rugged and unstable terrain, jumping is not always the best option and the bride must carefully analyze the best alternative.

Cláudia Piantini, a specialist in image, style and behavior, says that comfort is a priority.According to the expert, this type of marriage is more informal, which requires a more casual sandal, with fewer glitters and without much visual information.”The heels of lower heels are the most indicated,” he ponders according to

The most important tip of all is: the bride should wear what makes her feel good, beautiful and happy.Another valid tip is, if the option is for a shoe with a heel, take another shoe lower, if you decide last time to change to a more comfortable or low.

Jumping is prohibited?

This depends a lot on the floor.If it is on the beach and there is a siding or rug, the heel can be used, but it is worth noting that it does not suit the occasion, which demands a more relaxed look.

Already marriages in the field are more malleable and the terrain is not so slippery, which allows for a greater variety of shoes.There is even a tool to put on the tip of the heel so that it does not look so sharp and allow more mobility.

It is always good to remember that there are anabela shoes and sneakers, beautiful and comfortable options for this type of terrain.Claudia explains that the important thing is for the bride to feel good, after all she waited a long time to realize this dream.

Marry barefoot

Many women who perform wedding on the beach or in the field give up their shoes and marry barefoot. There are even accessories that mimic the details of a sandal, for women who choose this style.

Marrying barefoot is an option for the most destitute, who carry an informal look.If the concern is with the tacky, Claudia claims that being tacky is to stop being who you really are.”Obviously there has to be a context for someone to take barefoot in their marriage, have the essence and a lot of harmony with what is and wants to pass,” he says.”And it is always good to remember that we invite our friends to the wedding party, and a real friend does not judge, enjoy the party together, enter the climate,” he adds.

Sandal tips for brides

Check out the gallery of several models of shoes recommended for use in the wedding on the beach or on the beach:

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