Westwing Guide to white Light

The lighting of an environment is decisive for the climate created in each room of the house. Whether it’s for study, romance or fun, the mood, color and intensity of the lights play a huge role in the end result. To complement a well-decorated environment, the white luminaire appears as a versatile and functional option, offering an extra point of light that can make all the difference in the final result.

Lighting is one of the most important elements in decorating any room. In addition to working well with the chosen furniture and the style of decoration, the lights should favor the use of the environment, being suitable for every occasion. Using the lighting in the decor is simpler than it sounds: just take inspiration from Westwing’s tips! Choose the ideal white light fixture and enjoy the results.

White Floor Lamp

Whether complementing minimalist environments or bringing a touch of charm to different environments, the floor lamp is a touch of charm that works both to complement well-lit lighting and as a decorative accessory.

Placed next to comfortable armchairs, creating a reading corner on the side of the bed to make the lighting more inviting or even gracing a vacant space in the office, the white floor lamp is an accessory that creates a sophisticated and cozy effect in several rooms of the house.

White Table Lamp

Every bedside table or office asks for a white table lamp. The white lamp on the nightstand makes the moments before bed even more cozy, and should match the decoration chosen for the room.

The retro models, with traces that refer to a vintage aesthetic , take charm to the environments that count with other details of the time. The traditional white luminaire is a simple way of equipping rooms and offices in an industrial style, taking a very modern urban touch and blending perfectly with the latest trends in decoration. Combine a white or more light fixture and spread alternate light spots around the rooms. So you can choose how many lights to use and how bright the lighting is in the environment, depending on the occasion and the function of the area.

White Recessed Downlight

The  recessed luminaire is an option for traditional lamps and make the environments more delicate and with even more beautiful lighting. Ideally, the room should have more than one built-in white luminaire spread across the ceiling or sidewalls.

For environments such as the TV room, the dining room or the bedroom, the white recessed luminaire can be positioned more spaced and have smaller wattage lamps, contributing to a more cozy environment . Already in environments where concentration and vision are important, opt for the white luminaire of greater power and in greater quantity. This will ensure that the lighting made up by the white luminaire is always in accordance with the function of the room.