What are LED lights?

LED Lamps

The word L.E.D stands for Light Emitting Diode, which refers to the light emitted by diodes. LEDs are semiconductor bodies which receive very low density electricity, emits a light efficiently and lasting.

What are LED lights

The Leds can only produce a single color, but other types of colors can be produced through different materials. Allowing the durability of this technology is the fact that unlike incandescent lamps, LEDs don’t have a filament that will burn.

Advantages of LED Lights

There are many advantages of LED technology offers and makes it much more efficient and friendly to the environment, that have become the best choice of lighting at home and also for hand lamps.

Its durability is greater compared with incandescent lamps, LED lamps last 30 times longer than incandescent, 25 times more than a halogen and 3 times more than lamps low consumption.

The majority of Interior LED lamps have a life of approximately between 30 to 50 thousand hours. Saving that produces power Led may be reflected in electricity where you can save the to 80% and low consumption lamps.

Another of the benefits of LED lamps is the fact that this technology transforms into light 80% of energy used, unlike traditional bulbs that transform only 10 or 20%, according to this post.

As mentioned it above LED lamps in addition to everything, they are friendly with the environment, produces little infrared light and zero emissions UV. Another advantage is the large number of materials that can produce all types of lamps, clear example, the LED strips.

This type of lamps can be used in environments such as cold or warm, if you need to focus the light to a specific object do not need a reflector.

As you can realize the benefits of LED lamps are many and varied, which makes them the best choice for lighting, not only indoors but in products such as tactical lamps or other lights. If you want to LED lights or night lights, we recommend that you visit the bridgat.com.