What Are The Types Of Men’s Hats?

The man’s headdresses are underexploited accessories by Brazilian man was excluding the part of your wardrobe for the past 5 or 6 decades. The hat has an important role not only in protecting against the Sun, cold and rain, but also as a complement to masculine attire, after all everyone more elegant with a Fedora or Panama.

Learn About The Parts Of The Traditional Men’s Hats

The traditional hat is formed by the aba, the part that protrudes out of the piece and can be rigid or not, cone or Cup, where it fits the head and whose diameter and height may vary, the lace/Ribbon that serves to give finishing and increase visual and, finally, the Crown, the top of the piece.

According to agooddir, this format is applied to classical models of men’s hats, like Fedora, Trilby, Derby and Panama, but we also have the Cap and the CAP which has a completely different format, but we’re not going to address for now, leaving them for a specific article

Types Of Man’s Headdresses


Despite its name, was created in Ecuador, is made of light wool, although, currently, models have arisen in varied colors, has brimmed and median cone, the lace color (tape) can vary, but most often is black or brown. Ideal for hot days because it is airy and protects the head from strong sun. We’ve talked about it in this post.

Variations: as I said, they can occur in colors, but not in the raw material, the material ceases to be plant straw Carludovica palmata the article cannot be considered a genuine Panama.

Fedora Or Borsalino

Fedora can also be found with the name of Borsalino, traditional Italian brand, considered the inventor of the model. Fedora is made of felt (although there are copies until leather), has average tab compared to a cowboy hat, for example, is usually found in Brown, black and gray with a Ribbon in the same color or similar in tone, the Crown has more or less the same height in the Crown of Panama and this is a good fall or winter accessories protecting the sharp wind and cold of some cities, being today one of the most popular men’s hats.

Variations: leather, velvet or even cotton are rarer and options between colors, cold and dark tones may arise for men.

Bowler/Derby Or Coconut

In the U.S. it’s Derby, England is called Bowler and in Brazil we speak crumpets, the truth is that this template was created in England in 1846 by the politician Edward Coke, gaining popularity among the working class and, subsequently, the bourgeoisie. Became world famous and to this day is remembered thanks to Charlie Chaplin and your alter ego, Carlitos.

Variations: is usually made of black felt or dark grey, has rounded Crown, short and loop tab in the same color.


Remember the Fedora (see comparison), but with a much shorter tab, the Trilby hat was already wealthy people, today fell in the grace of the young and appears in several colors and materials, but the original was in neutral tones and with the Ribbon in the same color or with slight variations.

Variations: the traditional is felt, but trilby adapted to different tastes and audiences and you can find it in leather, denim, canvas, velvet (pictured) and even straw to warm climates. The colors go down the same road and gray opened the way for a huge variety of hues.

Boater Straw Hat Or

Received the name of Boater (or Ferryman) for being used in the U.S. in international canoeing, was successful in Brazil during the decades of 30 and 40, mostly for the bohemians of Rio de Janeiro, a fact that must have contributed to the figure of folk punk with striped shirt and straw hat on his head. It is made of straw, but has a stronger structure than the Panama, the tab is short, straight and Crown your tape often appears in red and blue, colors usually linked to nautical activities.

Variations: one of the most restricted in respect of the material and color options, at most you will find tapes of different colors and all, he resembles the Panama.

Hat Or Top Hat

His name derives from quartola, the small barrel that corresponded to a quarter of a barrel in the US is called the Top Hat and long has been an integral part of the gala costume (Tuxedo or jacket), today fell into disuse and is easier to be seen on Slash ‘s head than being used by a business Tycoon, as was customary at the beginning of the 20th century. The hat is, for the most part, in shiny black, with short, straight and high Cup Crown.