What Came in the Trunk, Edition 2: Bag

Thanks for the messages hoping for improvement of my flu yesterday.They worked! After a day and a half in bed I already feel much better. So much better that I decided that the day (and my health) deserved to be celebrated with a lot of color. Had a dress that I won at the end of the year and had not used yet. He will be yellow and have that middle 60 ‘s format that is as beautiful as comfortable. So I was yearning for a day of Sun (and health) to put him on the street.

And he’s one of those pieces that you use alone, you know? Those who have a presence so striking, that don’t need a lot to follow. And I was finding it tricky to compose a look with him. Was wanting to give a acessorizada (is that even a Word?) and I couldn’t. Hence today I decided to try again. And, finally, I came to a conclusion: an accessory.Hand-picked.

And this is where we enter the unloading of suitcase.

Before spending my year without shopping here on the blog I traveled and bought a lot of things. You know back with bag? You know get into H & M and leaving laden with bags? More quantity than quality. More purchases on impulse, the less things I really valued.

After all that, my days all purchases and all who came after those, I started to establish a budget before each shopping trip. That way, it was easier to not take fright when the credit card at the end of the trip.

Along with the budget, came the need to plan what to spend. Before traveling, I had already thought about the main things I wanted to buy (of course there’s always things that you will think the way and purchase of the lip and that’s fine. Just need to establish a maximum budget for them too).

One of the things I wanted to buy was a purse. A good bag. Of those that we invest to last a lifetime. That you love and take care to pass on to your daughter love too, you know? (I’ve always had this dream to spend a special clothes to my future daughter, maybe forever have seen pictures of my mother, when I was younger, with clothes so cool that never made it to me)

The cool when you establish a clear goal of what you want to buy is that you end up searching more, weigh more and, in the end, hitting over. The stock market, for example. I knew I wanted a bag for the day to day, she had to be big to fit my 10000 things that I need to get up and down. She had to be versatile and combine with a lot of things.And, finally, she had to be different. As I was willing to spend a little money, the idea being that she was striking, different from all the other bags in the closet.

I was in a lot of stores. The least expensive to the most absurd (the world may find normal, but it still shocks me to see handbags costing $2000). I saw a lot of good stuff, but the coolest of search is that, when you hit your eye that you love, you just know.

So, since I talked so much, I’m going to start the photos of today’s post for her. I think she deserves.

Need to explain much? A whole store of boxy handbags, she was round. Round. I looked at her and smiled. There was also, but this black brown or clear or dark won me over.

So I thought today’s dress had everything to do with her. Straight dress shapes seemed to ask for an accessory all round. Okay, look almost complete.

Pequeniníssimos details finalised the look:

  1. beige shoe almost non-existent, almost barefoot.
  2. maxi bracelets remind me of the years 60/70, and I thought it had to do with the climate in the dress, but not to exaggerate, I kept the wristbands in shades of Brown and beige, like the purse and shoes.
  3. made two pigtails and, with them, a tiara and I thought the look was look like a sunny day.

That’s it, guys. That’s enough for today. I got excited and I wrote too much and it’s almost 1 A.M.. My fate: words too much, sleep too little.