What Causes Headaches in Pregnancy

Headaches in pregnancy, all possible causes and natural remedies to combat migraine attacks at a time when you can’t take medication analgesics. Top tips to combat common headaches during pregnancy.

A good percentage of women during pregnancy complain of headache attacks, a problem occurs primarily during the first quarter, but that it can also drag on much further, and the headache is one of those diseases that have the power to disrupt even emotionally.

In General pregnant any kind of trouble, even the most bland, it becomes problematic, because of the paralysed to take the analgesic drugs with which we handle the headaches. And then what to do in these cases? Here are expert tips from Maternityguides for headache during pregnancy.


Ironically the migraines during pregnancy tends to occur in people who have never suffered, while those who usually suffers, pregnant, find some relief. This is because in most cases the headache, as well as headaches, depends on the menstrual cycle and in General by hormonal changes. Actually compared to the actual causes of headaches in pregnancy there are no studies that have been able to analyze this issue.

Headaches during pregnancy: natural remedies

As always the prevention during pregnancy is the best move. After the first few episodes would simply follow ahealthy diet and low fat id because very often the headache is caused by poor digestion, even simply when it is slowed by food which is too heavy. Among the foods to avoid, unfortunately, there are definitely cured meats and cheeses, chocolate, shellfish and even bananas and nuts. Against migraine thephysical activity is literally a blessing, but of course during pregnancy will be practiced so bland and with due care. Rest, when there is an attack you have to try to sleep a few hours, but also a neck massage can soothe the pain. It is also important to properly hydrate your body, then we should drink a little than usual.