What Glasses to What Face Shape

There are some days we looked at the thorny issue of the choice of hairstyle according to face shape. In the same vein, we tackle today the selection of glasses. What mount for any face shape? Sight or sun glasses are a real accessory to be reckoned with! Eyes may be the mirrorthe soul, but glasses are a reflection of your personality and your style. Because Elton John or Mac Lesggy not have a monopoly on the bezel and it’s not because we do not practice horse riding that one can not have the right horse, we will give you some tips for choosing the pair for you and the pair, good, y not two…

The different face shapes

Before wanting to know which mount sublimate the more your face, it is necessary to know the shape of the latter. To figure out what face you are, please check the following guides offered by sunglasseswill.com.

As a truck cares about environmental problems, you surely understand why we now reuse the same graphics as the article how to cut what face?

Round face: if you have a round face that means that your face is as wide and long as your chin and cheekbones are rounded.

Square Face / rectangle: if you have a square face or rectangle that means that you have a square jaw almost as wide as your neck and your cheekbones align your jaw.

Oval face: if you have an oval face that means that your face is considered the ideal form with a jaw and a slightly rounded chin.

Oblong face: if you have an oblong face it means that your face is longer than it is wide and your jaw and your cheekbones are the same width.

Triangle face: if you have the triangle face it means that you have a prominent jaw with small chin and the base of your face is wider than the top of your head.

Inverted triangle face: if you have an inverted triangle face it means that you have a broad forehead and / or the eyebrows and cheekbones with a pointed chin.

Diamond face: if you have a diamond face it means that your cheekbones are wider than your forehead and down your face and your jaw is rather long with a square chin.

The various frames

Today there are countless horses to multiple shapes, colors more or less vivid with or without cause. The choice quickly becomes complex, then bet on simplicity and sobriety if you want to avoid.


We will not here spread all forms of existing frames because we run the risk of losing more than one player and you might even lose 1 or 2/10 visual acuity! We will use the most present forms on the market.

Round frame: round frames flower growing on the nose of men, they are trendy! This type of mount softens the features of square and rectangular faces. Conversely, a round face these glasses accentuate the roundness and softness of it.

Square frame: ideal on a round face will bring it straight lines, structure to your face, make it less childish.

Rectangle frame: this is the most common form, the most popular men in general. It suits all face shapes, customize it to give you the look you want.

Frame butterfly: contrary to popular belief butterflies frames are reserved for women. It does not just have to choose too thin and elongated but approaching a mixture of oval and rectangle.

Frame wayfarer: a wayfarer frame immediately bring a vintage look to your look. This type of telescope is reasonably well with most faces except a particularly fine nose. The Ray-Ban brand has made this form its flagship model.

The colors and patterns

Once the selected frame, you have to make the choice of the color and / or patterns. If you are someone rather classic and discreet bet on black, brown, gray or pastel colors instead, clear. If you rather have a quirky style and are vibrant, the colors will be your friends, dare! The color is decided according to your tastes but also the color of hair, eyes and complexion of your skin. A darker color as your skin will enhance the personality of your face and the bright colors give you good looks and enhance your complexion. A mount in deep reds, burgundy, orange will enhance blue eyes and black hair while a dark horse will agree with salt and pepper hair and light eyes / gray. Also think about your wardrobe: black remains the easiest color to marry, do not forget! If you treat yourself to the grounds there is a simple rule to follow before all too! The pattern must be done either through small touches as exclusively on the branches or the then melted to prevent one sidetoo much that will soon be boring.

How to choose a pair of glasses?

The choice of a frame does not prove that easy in the air. We have already seen, the shape is important but not that … For a pair of glasses fits you to perfection must, ideally, that the upper part of the frame is consistent with the shape of your without eyebrows hide. For example if you have straight eyebrows, round glasses will not make you homage. Also, the lower part of the frame should not touch your cheeks and cheekbones. Finally, your eyes should be centered in the glass and your eyelashes should not be in contact with it. We therefore advise you to try several models to find the perle rare.

What glasses to face what?

The shape is the most important element in the choice of your mount. What would be Harry Potter, Lady Gaga, Malcolm X, Steve Jobs or Woody Allen without their glasses? Not sure provided they follow good rules … we do!

Glasses for a round face

Tips: for those who have a round face, you have to provide structure and character to your face so to mitigate the curves. To do this, choose frames with stretched, oval or rectangular to rebalance your face.

Avoid: round frames that will make you look like Jean-Pierre Coffe.

Glasses for a square face / rectangular

Tips: your face has so straight lines aimed at breaking the corners to soften a minimum. Glasses butterflies, pretty broad oval or even round to thin branches diminish the strict appearance of your face.

Avoid: square and rectangular glasses that amplify the hardness of his face.

Glasses for an oval face

Tips: as for haircuts, oval face is considered ideal. So you can all help you to some extent, of course!However, a butterfly or rectangular frame will particularly your face value.

Avoid: Too much excess at the shape or color which would spoil the “perfection” of your face!

Glasses for a oblong face

Tips: aim for a oblong face is to make it visually smaller and wide to get closer to an oval shape. Elongated glasses like butterflies or rectangular broaden face what will seem less in length.

Avoid: Round frames, too small or taller than wide mounts.

Glasses for a triangular face

Tips: a triangular face, the frame must emphasize, highlight the top and narrow down your face. It is therefore preferable to adopt a wayfarer frame. A pair oval or round would attract attention to your eyes and so on top of your face.

Avoid: too large or triangles frames (yes it exists!)

Glasses for a face inverted triangle

Tips: this is the opposite problem as before. Prefer a rather narrow frame butterfly or rectangular. A Wayfarer frame will also go. It is necessary that the lower part of glasses less than the lower part.

Avoid: branches and mount too broad front bar that would increase the inverted triangle effect.

Glasses for a diamond face

Tips: with an angular face is to build on rounded shapes, curves like butterflies or oval frames. Choose a rather wide frame to counterbalance your cheekbones

Avoid: too narrow a frame that will decrease your look.