What is RAM Memory?

The term memory comes from the latin. It comes from the noun memory, memoriae, which in turn comes from the adjective memor, memoris whose meaning is that is agreed upon, you remember. He is added to the root the suffix IA which is used for the creation of quality abstract nouns. As RAM is an acronym (type of acronym that is pronounced as a Word) English for Random Access Memory.

What is RAM Memory

Detail: phrase consisting of a noun, masculine, singular (memory) and Random Access Memory acronym.

Definition of memory RAM

Can be given as its definition: it is an electronic device that stores data and instructions on a temporary basis, that loses the stored data once it shuts down the computer. In Exchange for this, it has a very high speed for the transmission of information.

Another possible concept is “a semiconductor memory that can be both read as write. It is a volatile memory, i.e., it loses its content when power is disconnected. It is typically used as temporary memory to store intermediate results and similar non-permanent data. Its name arises as opposed to the so-called sequential access memory. “Because in the early days of computing memories main (or primary) computers were always type RAM and secondary (or massive) memories were sequential access (tape or punch cards), it is common to talk of ‘ […] this report” to refer to the main memory of a computer.” (Universal encyclopedia 2012)

This memory is loaded part of the Apple operating system, MacOS, Microsoft Windows 8; programs such as Office, WinZip, among others. instructions from the keyboard, memory to display the video and optionally a copy of the ROM memory contents.

Random access memory.

“He has because your notebook a technician for RAM memory failure”. Refers in this case to drawbacks in its operation.

“By budget problems, in the only Institute will change the RAM memory of the laboratory computers”. This example used to sense change by newer.

“She didn’t buy a brand pc, but Assembly personally with the more modern inputs, including the RAM memory of the latest technology in the market”. Here applies to the choice and purchase of latest generation.

Types of RAM

Random access (RAM) memory is the primary memory of the computer, in which you can read and write information at all times, but that information lost but has power.

The “Extended Data Out Random Access Memory” memory called extended data output random access memory. It is optional technology in the RAM memory used in servers. Allows you to shorten the way of the transfer of data between memory and the microprocessor.

“Burts EDO Random Access Memory” named memory with extended data output random access and access Burst. It is optional technology. A memory like the one above that improves its speed is thanks to access immediate memory latencies without addresses.

“Dinamic Random Access Memory ‘, designated dynamic random access memory. It is the most common and economical memory. It consists of capacitors, making who need to refresh the data that are stored, making the part slow process.

“Synchronous Dinamic Random Access Memory ‘, named dynamic random access memory. It is DRAM technology that uses a clock to synchronize with the microprocessor the input and output of data in the memory of a chip.

“Fast Page Mode Dinamic Random Access Memory”, called dynamic page of random access memory. It is optional technology in the RAM memory used in servers, which allows to increase the performance directions through pages.

“Rambus DRAM” called dynamic random access to Rambus technology memory. It is a DRAM high speed memory that develops pro speed exceeding 1 GHZ processors.

“Static Random Access Memory” designated static random access memory. It is a very fast memory. It is built with transistors that do not require data refresh process. It is currently integrated within microprocessors and hard drives to make them more efficient.