What Is the Best Fabric for Lingerie?

Every woman knows that there is no play in the comfort and the quality is more important than your underwear. Not only cutting and visual of the play make a difference on the purchase that product, but also the quality of the fabric used in it is essential for the customer to take your final decision.

What Is the Best Fabric for Lingerie?

You, who works with underwear, know what best fabric for lingerie? According to BestCraftBlog, we will help you understand what type of material you must invest to please customers!

There Are Good And Several Fabrics To Do A Lingerie

Who already work with lingerie for a long time, you probably already know that there’s no shortage fabric to make these pieces. Panties and bras can be created with materials like spandex, silk, cotton, liganete, rents, the microfiber and lycra, each with its unique features and advantages to the design of these parts.

Choose the best fabric for lingerie However it is a challenge that should take into account single aspects that guarantee, not only the comfort of woman who will use this piece, but also the maintenance of your personal hygiene and health.

Indispensable Characteristics In The Best Fabric For Lingerie

The best fabric for lingerie must provide, without a doubt, to the body of the woman, an enormous capacity of sweat through it. Fabrics that hinder the sweating may increase the risk of moisture concentration in the region, accelerating the growth of bacterial colonies that can result in unwanted infections.

The natural fabrics, therefore, are the best options to offer that feature – like cotton and silk-since the synthetic fabrics may impair the oxygen exchange between the skin and the environment.

A good lingerie fabric is comfortable and prevents the development of skin lesions, because of the constant contact between them. So, although more beautiful, the tissues that use too much lace or seams may also present themselves as the most uncomfortable, being necessary for them to be used with a lower frequency.

There Are Tissues That Can Be Used In Special Occasions

These synthetic fabrics that are prettier, but less healthy and more uncomfortable, can be interesting alternatives to intimate parts to be used on special occasions. They should not, however, be the parts that you will choose to sell to their customers as an option from day to day, since they’re not comfortable even to sleep.

Stay tuned, so to separate these lingerie according to its characteristics and making the sale to your customer.

Cotton Is The Best Option For Your Lingerie

If you have to choose a type of fabric for your pieces of lingerie, we we would point out, without a doubt, the cotton as the alternative that its customers going to adapt.

Cotton is the ideal fabric for the manufacture of any kind of underwear because it is easy to sew, it’s comfortable and allows perspiration intimate region is valued without great difficulties.

The vast majority of our lingerie is created with a mix of fabrics, to encourage your visual without sacrificing comfort, however, stay tuned for that in his plays the percentage of cotton is not forgotten.

What is, in your opinion, the best fabric for lingerie? What do you usually use in your parts? Tell us!