What Is the Best: Ipad 2, Galaxy Tab or Xoom?

We tested the three most popular tablets of the moment. In the Digital laboratory, see which one comes out front.

What Is the Best: Ipad 2, Galaxy Tab or Xoom?

Hard task that! For the last three weeks, we’ve tested everything we could from the main tablets for sale in the country. And the dispute between them wasn’t easy. In every corner of the ring, a strong opponent. In a corner, the IPad 2, Apple phenomenon. In another, Xoom, Motorola’s weight wager. In the third corner, Galaxy Tab, Samsung’s surprise. Let’s go to the fight!

Operating system. This is where a great part of the secrets rest. The operating system that controls the tablets is responsible for a good portion of the success or failure of any machine. ipad 2 brings the IOS, Apple-created system initially for the iPhone and that evolved into the ipad. It practically only has strengths: it’s easy to use, it’s super lightweight and stable. Besides, you still have security. IOs is still undefeated when the subject is viruses and other virtual pests. On the second step, it’s Xoom. It brings Android 3.0, dubbed Honeycomb – or honeycomb. Google’s people like to give their software a sweet name. It is the first version of Android for tablets. It is true that it offers super-interesting features such as integration with Google’s mechanisms. But… this is a less intuitive system than iPad iOs. You can’t say it’s complicated, but it’s less simple. Finally, the Galaxy of Samsung arrives. It is controlled by Android 2.2 – A version of the system that is already getting old… Summarizing, in the operating system aspect, the IPad comes out in the front.

Browser. If Apple came out in front with the operating system, in the next item, it took the worst. Safari is a good navigator. But, on tablets and smartphones, it does not display videos or Flash animations. And this can be annoying at the time of looking for that restaurant that decided to make your site full of flash animations. Moreover, while Android’s navigator already offers the possibility of tabs, Safari has not yet thought of it. That is, in this regard, Apple’s toy bitter last place.

Hardware. This is a lot to do with the previous one. There’s no point in having a super-powerful hardware if the operating system doesn’t help. Here, IPad 2 and Xoom equals. Both have two-core processors that confer good operating speeds. But… the iPad ends up experiencing a sensation of more agility thanks to the most efficient operating system. Until it’s from a previous generation of tablets, the Galaxy comes a little behind. But, Samsung’s little performance is not bad. He’s also agile in less complicated tasks.

The IPad and the Xoom bring front and back cameras. The Galaxy, only frontal. The IPad starts with 16 gig of storage and can reach 64 giga. The Xoom, exits 32 and can also reach 64. The Galaxy has only the option of 32 Giga.

When the subject is connections, the Xoom gains from washed. The Motorola tablet offers USB, memory card input, and up to HDMI output. Pretty cool. The Galaxy offers USB connection. Already the IPad, continues in this second version of the handset, not offering almost any connection. Just the dock to connect to the micro USB. A pity.

But, Apple recovers as the subject is the canvass. Besides the IPad offer the best screen in terms of sharpening and color reproduction, it is also the one that responds with more precision and speed to the touch. The Xoom is second place with a very good screen, but not so precise in the touch. Finally, it is Samsung, with a minor sharpening and responsiveness.

Reception. This is an item that you probably didn’t see evaluated elsewhere. But the truth is, the tablets depend heavily on their ability to connect. It’s for the 3g, it’s for the Wi-Fi. Between you and me, you can’t take the 3g in Brazil seriously… the connections are slow and unstable – not to say shameful… So the way is to settle for Wi-Fi, where he’s available. And then the surprise. As it was to be expected, IPad 2 showed that it came, connecting quickly and maintaining the steady connection. The Galaxy was also quite well: fast and steady. The disappointment came with the Xoom. While the other two were already giving play in videos, the Xoom was still trying to connect. Negative point for Motorola.

The design is the first thing you see, and it’s one of the most that can cause you annoyance. The Xoom is the largest, the widest and the heaviest, with 730 grams. Then comes the iPad, thinner and lighter, weighing 600 grams. And here again, the Galaxy’s surprise. With its miniature size–his screen has only 7 inches, against 10.1 inches from the Xoom and 9.7 of the IPad–it proved very practical to take up and down. Weighs only 380 grams! It mainly liked women–since it is super easy to take it in the purse.

Price. This is a hard thing to explain anywhere in the world. The tablets sold in Brazil are the most expensive in the world! Is it soft? IPad 2 starts at 1,650 real and can reach 2,600 reals! For you to have an idea, in the United States, prices start at 500 dollars, something close to 800 reais, less than half of what we pay here. But, if you think that’s bad, the worst is that – in your most basic version–IPad 2 is the cheapest tablet. The Motorola Xoom starts at 1900 reais. And the Galaxy begins at 1750 reais.

Conclusion. Adding pros and cons, choosing the Digital look as best tablet for sale in Brazil goes to Apple’s IPad 2. Steve Jobs’s appliance has been better in virtually every aspect. You just lost your connections and your Internet browser. And, surprise from the surprises, in its most basic version, it’s still the cheapest. Then it’s hard to take down the apple.

Soon, Samsung must launch here in Brazil the second generation of the Galaxy. When he arrives, we will put him in the ring to confront the competitors. In the links above, we have split several super cool apps for the IPad and also for the tablets that run the Android. These are free options. Enjoy!