What to Take to Motherhood

With the approach of the day of the birth of my son I started thinking that I haven’t made the case to take to motherhood. I still think that only when we enter the 8 month’s worth starting to organize the case.

But as the memory of pregnant they say is affected (and in my case it is true, because it’s like you forget everything) I decided to make my list of what to take on her case for motherhood.

There are several mailing lists available, including hospitals and clinics usually give a. But, as I already have a child, I remember what made me miss the time (despite having taken everything what was indicated in the list of the hospital)

Here’s my version.

Mother’s bag

Identification document

Pregnant health newsletter

Subsystem health card or health insurance (if applicable)

Analyses and tests performed during pregnancy (especially in the last quarter)

4 night shirts (preferably open in front to make it easier for breastfeeding)

2 nursing bras

1 package of discs of breastfeeding

2 nozzles for nipples

Nipple cream

Bathrobe and slippers

Slippers for the shower

Post partum belt (If the doctor indicate. It is best to ask in the consultations. I have not used)

8 disposable briefs (These are important especially for cesarean section. For those who may have problems later in size, is a Tip: do not throw away. With scissors cut some up side and/or below and can wear)

1 packet of sanitary towels very absorbent

Toiletries (shampoo, shower gel, moisturizing cream, hair brush, toothpaste)

Laundry bag

Baby’s bag

6 cloth diapers (because babies handbags too)

6 bibs

8 shirts or bodys of maga short or long depending on the time of year to be born (in the birth of my first child made me miss because they foul a lot of clothes even with the POO and, at first, are very trapalhonas)

6 foreign suits or onesie (preferably always with buttons at the bottom to be easier to change the diaper without having to take too many clothes)

3 jackets

5 socks or booties

1 Cap

1 maintained or shawl

2 Pacifiers

1 cord to hold the pacifier (not to lose that, believe me, it’s very easy to happen)

Disposable diapers

Butt cream

Baby wipes

1 brush or comb

Bath gel or SOAP with a neutral PH and without perfume

Bath towel

Q-tips for baby

Alcohol 70º

Non-woven fabric swabs (are great and will give after very good at home. Are soft and give clear ramelas eyes, the nose, the stump of the umbilical cord, serve as sponge for washing, etc)

Round pointed scissors and a disposable file

1 bottle

Bassinet sheets (depending on the motherhood)

1 stuffed animal (for, if you want to, identify the cradle)

Laundry bag


-Distribute the full sets of clothes for individual bags according to maternityguides.com. The bag with the first suit you may want to be identified as such because this will be to deliver the nurses-if the time is right you should go the beanie babies are born evil, because they lose a lot of heat especially by head)

-If you want to do Cryopreservation of stem cells, don’t forget Criokit

-Prepare the bags individually: one for mom, one for baby

Don’t forget the stroller and car seat for the baby

Well, I don’t even remember what it was I need so much. I’m going to have to start reviewing the list to evaluate what I already have and what you need to buy.