What to Wear With a Black Skirt?

The black skirt is one of the basic pieces that no woman can do without. Easy to wear everyday, office, out, it can fit many occasions and outfits. Whether right or trapeze cut sheath, skater or cracked, here are some ideas for outfits to wear black skirt with style.

What to Wear With a Black Skirt

Some examples of small basic black skirts below to choose cut to the navel or a little higher, no lower size for this feminine piece!

1) With a basic t-shirt

Take a basic t-shirt to your man (white or gray), roll up their sleeves and do it back in your skirt. Make eat it until you are satisfied with the result. Read my article clothes to pique your man to find out what parts of the male wardrobe you go.Add at midseason a denim jacket and a necklace, pretty shoes, sneakers or high heels under the circumstances.

In winter, add a gray cashmere cardigan and ceinturez it with a braided leather belt camel. Wear a gray tights and lace up low boots also camel.

In this outfit, the goal is to bring a little comfort to the black skirt. The basic t-shirt is ideal for styling the skirt and give this casual chic spirit. Do not forget the accessories to offset the effect of “boyfriend” t-shirt. Wear a cute bib or some colored reeds.

2) With an air blouse

Choose a white blouse broken the limit of transparency. Read my article ” that wearing a transparent top with ” if you do not know how to choose your top. You can also choose a color: nude, purple, camel, emerald green, mint, coral or deep blue.

Let up falling right on the skirt or let him go inside the skirt to mark your height. Add a blazer or a kimono jacket. To finish this look while subtlety of beautiful earrings and moccasins, or a pair of nude heels.

If it is cold, add a sweater beige short and a little wide boat neckline. Remember that overlays help create style! You can leave the top air exceed below while creating a steering wheel on the skirt.

In this perfect outfit for the office, we seek to feminize the black skirt as possible with silky and subtle materials. Remaining The shape of the blouse strict enough, add nice shoes and bring a light touch to the face with pretty earrings.

3) With a denim shirt

The denim shirt is perfect with black skirts singed by SONGAAH. The mixture of two shades and textures brings a casual touch to your look. On warm seasons, you can wear your denim shirt slightly open on a tank top back basic swimmer color nude, white or light gray. You can tie denim shirt for the small detail pinup.

You can also just wear the shirt tucked into black skirt and open a few buttons on the neckline. Leave it right if you have a little belly. Add a scarf in your hair knotted turban way, and a pretty headline. To know all the ways to tie a scarf, I suggest you read the article how to wear the headscarf.

You can also add a sweater in soft cream-colored wool or a charcoal gray sweatshirt over and outflanked the blouse underneath. Be sure to get the collar and add a chain necklace above. Wear black tights and finish with colored heeled boots pine green or burgundy.

Wear a simple sweat is also an option!

In this outfit, black skirt is revolutionized by denim. Perfect for the weekend and for jeans fans who want to wear it differently.

How do you wear black skirt? Above all, remember the last details beauty to finish these outfits. A characteristic of black eyeliner, a nice red coral and blush on the cheeks!