Where to Install Security Cameras at Home

Install surveillance cameras at home

When we decided to install security cameras in our House, we ask ourselves: what are the best places to install surveillance equipment, why you must reflect on side of your family as follows:

  • What are the most vulnerable areas of your property?
  • Do you have tickets or hidden windows, that robbers can deal with?
  • Have you ever had theft?
  • Do you live in an unsafe place?

You are who better knows your home and you will know what is the best way to protect it, you will also discover the strategic place where the Chambers of monitoring will help you maintain the integrity of your family.

Once you have determined where your House put security cameras, we recommend that you put them in place where potential attackers can see them but not to break them, this will serve to think two vecs before breaking into your House.

Then you say some sites where you should place vigiancia cameras in your home:

Main door

Approximately 36% of burglars enter through the main door, so it is very important that you place a camera that record people who are suspiciously close to your door.

To prevent people who want to break into your House, break your camera, you can put it on a second floor or the roof of your House, remember that it should point to your door, trying to cover all the angles.

Back door

21% of home burglaries happen through the back door, so similarly the installation of a camera in that place, is essential if you have doors somewhere else, it is necessary that you also place a part of your system’s security there, the purpose is to not let any entrance to your house unattended.

Also we recommend you to place in an inaccessible location but that allows you to observe a large area, you can place some protection to your camera in case of getting a good place to put it.


Regularly people who burst into the homes of people, break a window, which does not give to the street, to enter; in this way the thieves are less likely to be seen.

So given this fact, we recommend placing security cameras in windows that are hidden from public view.

The basement stairs

If in your property, you have a basement, attic, winery or any space that comes into contact with your House, you must place a camera there, because attackers usually looking to get somewhere in which a member of the family is not present.


Once you have read about the best places in your home to install a security system, we remind you that on our website you can buy security cameras from the internet, so that in this way keep the integrity of your family and your property.