White Blouse Styling

You think a white blouse only honest? That’s not true! We prove to you that you can combine the cool and trendy white blouse also. Moreover, you learn which blouses are hot right now and which cuts flatter which figure particularly.

White Blouse Styling

It is you sorry to ask you, what you will wear? Then lie down on a white blouse! Because of this Basic is a real styling miracle. The white blouse can be combined super easy and in addition looks good on every woman.

From sporty to stylish: everyday looks with a white blouse

Selects a cool look a loosely cut blouse with V-neck or a long white shirt and style to a comfortable boyfriend jeans or a sexy skinny trousers. By her hem blouse loosely connected (!) In the waistband, modeled her your figure. Especially cool is your look when you combine with jeans and a white blouse, a leather jacket. We have vintage blouse through Internetages.com clicked and the coolest looks with white blouse picked for you. Click through and find inspiration for your own styling!

Summery and is super sweet, the combination of oversize blouse and shorts. You love the boho look? Then choose instead a simple white blouse a romantic model with ornaments made of perforated embroidery or lace and voluminous section. For such a playful blouse see denim shorts and accessories in ethnic style great. Depending on whether you have a trendy or more sporty style, you can to your outfit with a white blouse high heels, sandals or white sneakers combine. Here the most beautiful summer looks come with white blouse! combine White Blouse: This business looks are anything but dull!

The white blouse is an integral part of the Office Mode. Nevertheless, it is anything but stuffy and can be combined exciting for the job. Already determined the choice of blouse whether the business outfit looks classic or trendy. A safe choice for a serious look are waisted white blouses of a firmer cotton fabric with collar and placket central. To them fit suit, costume and Pumps. If you need a more modern office outfit? Then select a flowing, rather loose-fitting white blouse, V-neck or a romantic model with ribbons. These fashionable white blouses you can wonderfully a patterned pencil skirt or a trendy Midi skirts combine. Also dress pants or jeans in darker washes can be very well combined white blouse. A Blazer and noble pumps complement the trendy business outfit. How exciting an office look can look with a white blouse, prove these ladies!

Jewelry white blouse: Flashy accessories refine your look

A white blouse is a blank canvas – you can customize to suit your mood. Means: you can in the accessories accelerate because jewelry comes in a white blouse to their best advantage. Selects as a statement-chain or one of the currently super fashionable multi-row chain in yellow gold or rose gold. These accessories give your otherwise rather plain outfit the finishing touch.

The right cut is the key: which blouse match me?

White blouse is not the same white blouse, because there are many different sections. And depending on whether you a small breasts have, with a large bust are endowed or a chubby figure have different blouses are advantageous. Women who want to cheat her small breasts larger, should be white shirts with embellishments like Bisen, ruffles or patch chest pockets grip. however, those who want to conceal his great bosom something should refrain from such blouses distance and access to simple models. Great because they stretch the upper body, are winding blouses with V-neck. A little tummy is a great place with a mask of super trendy oversize blouse. A Slim-Mach effect also have white blouse with vertical stripes. A narrow trousers in a dark color makes for harmonious proportions and makes the character appear more slender.

Fashionable white blouses: These models are real combination talent

Contemporary than the classic and timeless business blouses are white blouses in oversize style from slightly transparent materials and V-Neck. Even white blouse with Schluppe, so a loop for tying, belong to the trend entirety 2016. We have looked at the current collections in more detail and show you the most beautiful white blouses for each style.

An absolute must: a skin-colored bra white blouse

Anyone who believes that under a white blouse has a white bra is mistaken. Because bras in bright white lights under the delicate blouse fabric by clearly visible. Better because invisible, are flesh-colored T-shirt bras. The special thing about this bra is the smooth processing, so that no seams or tip can emerge under the blouse fabric. Those who have no skin-colored bra on hand, you can also try a model in Pink. Also this color is suitable depending on the skin tone better than pure white.