William Smart Watch

Various proposals of smart watches exist in the world for many years. Chinese websites offer hundreds of variants with different functionality in a few tens of dollars each. But lately it comes to a next big step for the development of this technology and “big” in IT business is strained to “create” and “conquer” the global market for this new but promising niche. Everything grew even more steeply and very promising since the advent of Android Wear to Google in March 2014. May work became such that any (large and small) want to make smart handheld gadgets, particularly smart watches. Which is good for consumers.

Will IMC Clock

In this game include the US ”rap” musician (double quotes), singer, actor, producer, “fashion” The investor, philanthropist and DJ. William James Adams or Will.I.Am in English unless member of the group Black Eyed Peas (The Black Eyed Peas), turns and prominent investor in advanced technologies. Around him over the years have revolved news developments on its car brand (IAMAUTO), fashion accessories for smartphones, innovative projects with Nasa, Intel, EKOCYCLE, Beats by Dre, his foundation i.am.angel, as well as participation in IT education initiatives.

Now is the turn of the smartwatch. In recent months Will.I.Am. shows a device that presents itself as a smart watch, which he developed and promises to present in July 2014. Under develops naturally mean “finance” and “managed” and in presenting understand “announcement” of “announcement” in July. Will.I.Am. He is known for his strange ideas and attempts to business ventures in new technologies, but probably not all are successful. Otherwise it makes it tricky. Shows the device in its TV visits, but mostly participating as a jury in the UK-version of the music show the voice 2014. Even recently received a call on a particular device directly into the air by popular singer Cheryl Cole, which in turn was the jury X factor UK (video is slightly down). Exactly this is the main feature of Will.i.am-widget – it can make phone calls without the need for connected phone.


”Rapper” adding that personally financed the company (probably his technological, whose website is undetectable), which will produce smart clock, during which you can make phone calls, listen to music, connect Bluetooth headsets and enjoy social networking. Will the designers have chosen the form of bracelet, which might not be much to the taste of the male suitors, which does not mean that women will like it. Whether all this is true still argue in specialized media. Experts doubt that a device of this size can demonstrate such a strong sound from the speakers (as in the clip). Size is related to the suspicion of battery capacity that unlike other proposals will need to maintain and GSM-module. A variation fashion investor Will (there are also his fashion investment) has created a nice package for an existing smartofon clock, as has long been on the market. We’ll see what news and more information on the capabilities of the widget we get to July. What matters is that Will.i.am is no longer used cell phone brings one of its “smart” watch each of your hands and never misses an opportunity to demonstrate its capabilities reading “tweets” from him during the broadcast of The Voice. And ensure that everything is true.

Competition in the smart “portable” probably yet to be strengthened and inlcude even a private investor and supporter Will.I.Am as its own company talked about the expectation of a boom among these devices, which may be forthcoming in the near future.