Wilson Sports Backpacks

The Wilson Sports Backpacks are perfect for those who like to go to the gym or play sports. They are sturdy, spacious and make it very easy to transport belongings on a day-to-day basis. In the stores, it is possible to find them in several models, that try to please men and women.

Wilson Sports Backpacks

Wilson is a sports brand present in several countries around the world, including here in Brazil. It is an American brand responsible for the manufacture of various sports articles, such as tennis shoes, rackets, balls and more. All the accessories used in the most different sports, Wilson manufactures. Among the most coveted products of the brand, we can mention the backpack. Today on the market you find hundreds of models of Wilson backpacks.

Most backpacks come with a sporty design that is the focus of the brand. On Sportingology.com, you will find female and male models. Almost all male models can be worn by both sexes. This happens with any brand in the modern world. They are personalized and quality backpacks, where you find ample space to carry whatever you wish. If you prefer, you will also find smaller backpacks. It is you who chooses which model suits you the most.

Wilson Sports Backpacks

The Wilson backpack line features models for people of all ages and for the most demanding tastes. You have to be careful about piracy. You find many backpacks with the brand logo, but in fact they are replicas of the originals.

An original Wilson backpack has a different look and you soon realize the veracity of the product’s provenance. They are resistant fabrics, besides having a unique and differentiated design. The finish is perfect, plus many other details that make backpacks products highly sought after by everyone who enjoys sports backpacks.

The sports backpacks Wilson can be used for many different occasions. You can use it to carry your sports equipment, to carry your school supplies or even to work. Many lawyers use backpacks nowadays, even though there are many things to carry from one side to another. Not to lose the style of the profession, they use quality backpacks, like the Wilson backpacks. In addition, many use the backpacks also to carry notebooks.

Models, Prices, Where To Buy

Wilson Sports Backpack

This model is perfect for tennis players, since it has ample space inside. It is made of durable material, features padded loops and zipper closure. At Netshoes, the price is $ 129.90 or 5x from $ 25.98.

Wilson Backpack Wtix10649

The Wtix10649 model has been very successful among sportsmen on duty. It is made of 100% polyester, has a zipper closure and the main compartment is very wide. In Centauro , the price is R $ 69.90 or 2X R $ 34.95.

Wilson Backpack Wtix11117

A Wilson branded backpack that has won men’s and women’s preference is Wtix11117. It is all black and has orange details. It allows to transport the objects with more security and practicality. The price is R $ 89.90 or 3X R $ 29.97 without interest in Centauro.

Wilson Classic Sports Backpack – Blue

Wilson also has backpacks created exclusively to please the female audience, as is the case of the model shown in the image above. The piece is practical, comfortable and features a blue floral print. At Walmart, the price is $ 98.91 or 2x from $ 49.46 without interest.

Be sure to check out other models of Wilson sports backpacks at stores specializing in sporting goods, both virtual and physical.