Windows Comes on the Phone

Bill Gates is preparing, to teach the established mobile phone makers fear.The Swiss can already buy a Windows Mobile phone with the operator Orange, T-Mobile will follow in Germany. Whether the Smart phone competition shaking can be learn in the test.

The Windows powered Smart phone in Germany will look like, when it comes to the market and at what price: T-Mobile and Microsoft alone even iron.

Is certain: it will be very similar to the Tanager, which is already sold in Switzerland under the name of SPV E100, on the basis of the same operating system. We could test the Smartphone.

Learn what the Pocket PC can do and how well calls with him, on the following pages.

Features: Powerful Multimedia

The Tanager looks like a cell phone at, the function abundance ennobles the device but to the Smart phone. Actually, there’s little that it can’t.

OK, was waived on an integrated camera, but at the interface down to the device the best digicam can be connected. The news feature for SMS, MMS or emails and the PDA features are at the top in the program overview. The data can be by ActiveSync easily with the Outlook entries on the PC matched. The program also enables the transfer of images, ringtones or MP3 files easily with the mouse. That worked in the test and went over the supplied USB cradle pretty fast.

Also phoning and texting can comfortably with the tri-band device. Call lists, profiles, integrated handsfree, T9 expandable dictionary with voice memos are available. Only voice dialing and voice command is missing. In addition, the GSM module can be switched off. You can use the Smartphone so there too, where mobile phones are prohibited.

The multimedia features such as the media player that plays MP3s and movies, a jump-and-run game with complex graphics or the small picture-editing software be much fun. This is on the stability of the programs, the high resolution display and a powerful, good sounding speakers. A 256 MB provided enough space in our test device large SD card that pops out on the housing to light pressure left.

Data functions
The USB interface except for the Tanager offers an infrared eye up to the device.Emails, WAP pages on your mobile phone or multimedia messages come via GPRS.The Smartphone can receive also attachments. Actually, only Bluetooth is missing.

Practice: Strong Display, Low Battery

Don’t worry: You must carry no mouse for the not quite light Tanager, it can be operated as a conventional mobile phone.

Facts & figures
A heavy, but no big chunks: With 130 grams weight the Tanager significantly under the Nokia smartphones is 120 x 50 x 24 mm size 7650 and 3650 or Sony Ericsson P800. Especially the high-resolution, 65,536-color display (176 x 220 pixel) liked us, which measures 35 x 44 mm and takes almost the complete top half of the unit claim. Currently only Samsung offers similar to brilliant display. The real weakness of the device: The Akkuwerte is Microsoft with only 100 hours stand – by and 2:30 hours of talk time.

The device is fed up with the hand and acts nobly processed. The keyboard is easy to operate, has a clear pressure point, and the joystick is long genu, thus reliably to navigate through the menus. Only the back plastic may scratch easily, and the battery is shaking a little. Still, due to the compact format and the high quality processing the Tanager can serve better than the current Smartphones from Nokia or Sony Ericsson.

Schreck let up: the main menu consists of 25 menu items, the giant list extends over three screens. Since even a Windows desktop acts easier to read. Microsoft uses the last pixel of the large display and strives for a clear structure. But alone the abundance of capabilities kills in the first moment. Positive: The start window provides information about incoming messages or upcoming events at a glance. The menu items are clearly named, after several attempts we got quickly into the handle most functions. To not ever having scrolling through long lists, one digit over which the function can be called directly finds before each menu item. In addition, you can define which number key you want to call which function directly from the home screen.

The acoustic test, the Tanager left a good impression. Both parties sound quite natural, and the Smartphone sends strong enough to enable a conversation in a noisy environment. The only weak point: our test unit suffered from – regardless of the cut-off conversation volume – a slight background noise.

Conclusion: Complex Power Package

Who wants to be on the only road-accessible, can save the 130 gram heavy machine. There, the Tanager was also disappointed, because this phone wants to be rocked.

Whether PDA or multimedia features: the compact unit is the challenge. The function abundance of Windows powered Smartphone is remarkable and did their service also he reliably the test device. Also, the Tanager understands naturally dazzling with the Windows calculator on your desk.

Strong opponents
Should the device for the German market be so well-finished and offer an equally brilliant display, the Symbian devices from Nokia (7650, 3650), Siemens (SX1) and Sony Ericsson (P800) need to dress warm. The Tanager the Smartphones of the established mobile phone manufacturers can compete even with the operation.

Low battery
The only real weak point: the short Akkuzeiten. Text input on the mobile phone keypad are too cumbersome, Microsoft offers a viable Falttastur in wise foresight.Now it must be only on the market, Windows powered Smartphone.