Withings Activité Pop Smart Watch

The Activité Pop is a smartwatch quantifier with all the best design Withings but at an affordable price

Longtime we follow closely in the footsteps of Withings and its “pseudo-smartwatch” Activité, because although certainly can not properly be considered a smart watch because they lack certain essential elements such as a screen, an OS or applications, its fantastic and elegant design, coupled with its functions to monitor our physical activity and sleep, well you deserve the right to be among our smartwatch.

Without going any further, the other day we gave a complete analysis of Withings Activité, in which we concluded that it was a perfect and elegant clock to bring in any situation , while offering us the plus quantify our physical activity and our dream. Your only drawback? The high price of $ 450.

However, it seems that Withings also wants to approach a wider audience, so it has decided to present the Activité Pop, which looks as good as the original but at a price three times less than it. The design of this new watch is virtually identical to the Activité: a large analog dial, minimalist dashboard, a thin case made of stainless steel and a smaller second challenge dial to control our daily activity.

So where lies the difference between the original $ 450 Activité Activité Pop and this 150? While in the original model strap calfskin is included silicone and other water activities in this new model just we have silicone strap. Following differences, in the first we had a sapphire glass protecting the screen and the new found slightly hardened conventional glass. Finally, the original Activité is manufactured in Switzerland and features the brand “Swiss made”, while the latter has no such distinction, something that may be important to some people.

The new Activité Pop will be available for $ 150, although so far only at Best Buy in small quantities

Moreover, we found exactly the same functions as in the original model. Monitoring our physical activity (which may also be in the water thanks to being completely resistant) and control of our dream The Activité Pop automatically detect when we go to sleep and transmit information to the appropriate app for your phone on our cycles and sleep quality.

As in the other model, we can follow the evolution of our challenge daily activity through the small dial that are within the sphere and counts from 0 to 100. The battery is also one of its great advantages over other smartwatch, it can reach up to8 months long, the end of the day , has the same stack as a classic watch, according to Central LED Watch.

As for the models, we found three different colors: “Brilliant Blue”, “Earth Smart” and “Black Shark”. Its availability will be limited, at least during the first few months, and will be sold exclusively at Best Buy chain, although it is expected that over 2015 reaching other establishments and chains.