Woven Blouses:Fashion Tips

Clothing says a lot of what we are and what we like. It marks our personality and style. Women love to feel beautiful and bet much on the image and in the clothes they wear.
The blouses are a play Joker in the female wardrobe. There are various kinds of blouse and several textures of fabrics. Must know combine each shirt with the right part. Although it seems a simple task, most women tend to be indecisive about what to wear and how to use the blouses.
You know fashion tips on how to use and choose fabric blouses? Follow our step by step and see how it’s done!


  1. Blouses that have lightweight fabrics such as silk blouse, for example, are preferred by women more delicate and who like to demonstrate a more elegant style.
    They combine with more classic shorts and skirts with the waistband over risen or desk model. You can also combine them with more loose skirts or pleated.
    The silk shorts or skirts of silk with light models are also a good combination with the blouses that have this type of fabric and are perfect for use on a hot summer day.
  2. The blouses with elastic tissues the body shape. Combine very well with skirts, shorts and jumpsuits.
    The elastic in the sleeves or balloon effect lend an air of Princess and the most elegant woman.
    If the elastic or pleated at the waist, blouse’s and the fabric will cause the silhouette stay thinner.
    The sweaters with colorful patterns or fabrics are preferred by women who are not afraid to dare and mix the pieces and colors. You can choose between the standards of Jaguar, zebra, revolved, chess, polka dots and use in different ways. Try to find an accessory or shoe that matches the fabric of this blouse.
  3. For the colder days, ideally, choose blouses that have thicker tissue or cute. Some of the sweaters can have short sleeve and turtleneck.
    The Lycra is not highly recommended in winter. Prefer woven blouse with cotton, wool (which besides beautiful reheats well), leather sweaters (which lend an air of sophistication), taffeta, velvet, natural fibres and various, tops with artificial or synthetic hairs etc.
    Choose the blouse for every moment and occasion and try to combine them in the best way.c