You Attract These 3 Makeup Tricks

Makeup can do wonders! Scientists now reveal what makeup tricks you make particularly attractive

The science proves what makeup tricks to make really attractive.

Friedrich Schiller once said: “the women is the highest of all goods beauty.”
To give a clear definition of beauty, is hardly possible. Charisma, self-confidence and care can play a role.

One thing can contribute but particularly to the beauty: makeup. In different studies, scientists have now found out, what makeup tricks especially help women to look more attractive. We wouldn’t want to deprive you of the results:

The power of red lipstick

Did you know? You look more attractive during your ovulation. The reason lies in the nature: the hormonal changes during this time increases your blood flow, causing the surface of the skin, especially the cheeks and lips, be redder.

Scientist the University of Manchester have found out that the artificial coloring of lips has the same effect. In comparison with other colors the color red has drawn even the longest attention-all 7.3 seconds.

So: Red lipstick underlines your feminine in any way and therefore is a miracle of makeup!

Pssst: we demonstrate in this video how to perfect red lips makeup!

A uniform skin color

Also a uniform skin tone plays an important role in terms of attractiveness. The reason is obvious: A uniform skin color, which we achieve with makeup by, for example, Concealer or Foundation, makes us look younger: “both the surface of the skin and the skin color affect perception of facial age, health and attractiveness,” says Dr. Bernhard Fink, Professor at the University of Göttingen.

Here know what Foundation matches your skin!

The no-make-up-make-up-look

In a study of the quarterly journal of experimental psychology photos showed the subjects of women with different amounts of makeup. The respondents had to choose on which images the women seem the most attractive. On average, men as well as women opted for the same photos. Selected the women, who wore no makeup, as well as at all. The no-make-up-make-up-look is not only a well-known movement on the net, but seems to come across in real life on consent.

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