1.6% of Devices Android Are Already Updated to Lollipop

Thanks to new data from the distribution of Android versions What Google just released at last we know as it is being the penetration of the latest version of the operating system launched in the market already more than two months ago.

Is this already with data collected from devices that have been connected to Google Play these last seven days we know that Android 5.0 Lollipop in 1.6% of devices, so as in previous versions, it begins with slow growth that is sure it will pick up running when more manufacturers release updates and new devices already standard with the new version.

On previous versions, 4.4 Android Kitkat It is next to Lollipop versions only winning market share, from 39.1% to the 39,7%. The rest of already older versions continue losing presence on the market. Android 4.3 is 6.3% (formerly 6.5%), Android 4.2 is at 19.8% (formerly 20.3%), Android 4.1 is 18.4% (formerly 19.2%), Android 4.0 is 6.4% (formerly 6.7%), Android 2.3 is at 7.4% (7.8% previously) and Android 2.2 is maintained with 0.4%.