39.1% of Devices Android Lead KitKat, and Less Than 0.1% Lead Lollipop

Google just released new data from the distribution of Android updates updating its statistics based on devices that have been connected to Google Play in a period of seven days which ended on 5 January.

As in recent months, there are no surprises. 4.4 Android KitKat It is the only version that is gaining market share thanks to the majority of devices that are on sale carry this version of the operating system. If 33.9% last month had now been KitKat in January is now the 39,1%.

Other versions continue losing market share slowly. Android 4.3 happens to be in the 6.5% (7% before) of devices, Android 4.2 in 20.3% (20.4%), Android 4.1 at 19.2% (formerly 21.3%), Android 4.0-6.7% (formerly 7.8%), Android 2.3 in 7.8% (formerly 9.1%) and Android 2.2 in 0.4% (previously 0.5%).

The most recent version of the operating system, 5.0 Android Lollipop, still does not appear in the distribution data to the not to exceed 0.1%, so we should expect to devices updated during the coming months to see how Lollipop going slowly clawing market share.