7 Common Questions About Hair Dye

Put your questions in time to dye the yarn

Is to give a remodeled in visual or just cover the white hair, the dye is part of the beauty ritual of many women. But, despite being a common habit, to dye hair, you still yield to a few questions. To help, we selected 7 common questions about hair dye , and we bring the answers to end all your dilemmas on the subject. Check out:

7 Common Questions About Hair Dye 1

1 – The dye damages the hair?

The whole chemical process attacks the wires, but what determines this is the frequency with which you color the hair, and the care before and after you apply the dye. A good tip is not to neglect hydration in the range between one dye and another. In this way, the wires get back the nutrients lost during the staining process.

2 – A coloring can lighten the other?

Dye does not lighten dye. If you already use a permanent staining and want to lighten up the wires, only the dye is not enough. It is necessary to make a discoloration prior to deleting the dye prior to then, and only then apply the new color.

Try to discolor the yarn into the house without having the experience can have a disastrous outcome. For this reason, it is best to look for a reliable professional and do the procedure in the salon.

7 Common Questions About Hair Dye 2

3 – The color result will be equal to that of the packaging?

Buy the dye according to the photo of the box is a quite common error and most of the times, it can be extremely frustrating. This is because each hair reacts differently to the dye and the result very much depends on the original color of the hair. In the case of those who already are accustomed to the coloring of the yarn, the last color applied influences the result of the new coloring.

4 – Can I make coloring more other type of chemical on the same day?

The ideal is to wait at least 15 days to perform another procedure, since the components of the products used may be incompatible and damage the wires.

7 Common Questions About Hair Dye 3

5 – The dyes can cause allergy?

Yes, the dyes can cause poisoning and allergic reactions in some people, this is why it is so important to make the test before using the product, and do not let the coloring to act for a longer time than indicated by the manufacturer.

To do the test, apply a little of the tincture without mixing (the one that comes in the tube) behind the ear. Wait 48 hours without washing the location.

If during this time you feel itching, burning or redness where the dye was tested or in back of it, do not use the product in the head. As the allergy can develop over time, even in those who are already adept of the dye, the ideal is to repeat the test whenever you coloring the hair.

6 – My hair is long. I need to increase the amount of product?

Yes. For those who have wires that are too long or bulky, it is recommended to use at least two packs of the same coloring to ensure a good result.

7 – I have Not used all the dye. Can I save what’s left of the product to a next application?

Any way. The ideal is to prepare only enough to cover the wires. Once the mixing of the product, you must use it fully and if there is to spare, to play outside.