7 Custom Slippers That Will Delight Your Guests

by | September 5, 2017

The souvenirs are super laid back nowadays. Personalized, they reflect the personality of birthdays, graduates and bride and groom. If the party is one of those, the guests will debut the present without ceremony. Grooms with no idea for souvenirs to stay connected. We separated 7 amazing suggestions from custom slippers from the Mimos Naianas store to surprise your guests.

1 – Model With Bride And Groom Initials

This white slipper with stripes and gold stripes is perfect for weddings, 15-year parties and graduations. The difference is the elegance of the classic calligraphy of the initials of the grooms / birthday boy / forming also in gold. The guests will love the simplicity and good taste of this souvenir.

2 – Caricature

Caricatures is the great bet of the modern grooms. This model has white background, where one pair has the bride and the other the groom on a motorcycle. The names of the bride and groom are in the two pairs. A humorous way to give and especially to thank the presence of the guests.

3 – Keep Calm

The famous phrase means “stay calm” is a trend. The piece has white background, a twig with colored polka dots, gold strips and a couple of birds all in shades of red. The Keep Calm and Love More message is in capital letters and blacked out. The names of the bride and groom follow the formatting, being separated by a small heart. The wedding date comes after the names of the bride and groom.

4 – Birds

Another super cute model for bride and groom. Ask for background and white stripes, a couple of birds dressed in the character surrounded by leaflets in one pair and a little bird in the other. Elegant calligraphy typical of invitations to the date that is in a green band in the two pairs.

The bride and groom initials follow the same calligraphy and stand on a background of green, red, pink and white stripes on the two pairs. The piece of music Andanças (Beth Carvalho) completes the mood of romance.

5 – Drawing

In this model with white stripes and bottom, the design of the bride and groom has straight, long and curved lines. The groom on one foot and the bride on the other. The names of the bride and groom in traditional calligraphy and the date underneath the names are in a pair.

Curved lines and hearts give light and romantic air. The Andanças song excerpt is also in this model. This souvenir is dedicated to bridesmaids.

6 – Caricature – Part 2

Minimalist model in brown and two shades of pink. A branch starts on the right foot and ends on the left, its leaves are pink and green. On the right foot, the phrase “I went”, underneath it the date of the wedding.

On the left foot, in the top “wedding of the year”, the caricature of the bride and groom follows the manga line with large eyes and face and small bodies. The calligraphy of the bride and groom’s names is traditional without being fancy.

7 – Minimalist Romantic

One more model in brown and pink. Part of the background is white received stripes and brown polka dots, the other part is brown with white polka dots. On the left foot, the bride and groom’s name is in brown inside a white balloon. On the right foot, the phrase”I went” and the date of the ceremony follow the same style and formatting.


The Sebastian – Vail

The Sebastian – Vail

Source: planyourmeetings.com