70s Fashion Back in Style

This week Cherrycordia takes you on the trail of “Charlie’s Angels” sting of the details of their seventies look!

As Juliette announced recently, the 70s are at the heart of the 2015-2016 paradesand should quickly invade our closets of winter. The new has not excited me… In love with minimalism chart way “Swinging London” or of the chic androgynous of Yves Saint Laurent in the sixties, I’ve never very inspired by the years disco: for me there is too much kitsch, too flashy, just too much!

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Then they reappeared in my life, after fifteen years of absence: “Charlie’s Angels” or under their original name ‘Charlie’s Angels ‘. And I am not talking multiple remakes of latex and low-rise pants-Hello the beginning of 2000s-I am referring to the very first version appeared on the screens from 1976 to 1981.Atmosphere XXL blow-dry, make-up to look and fall hues cavaliere Ralph Lauren: we dive in the heart of the PREPPY America of the 1970s!

Detectives private endorsing multiple functions to infiltrate investigations, Charlie’s Angels are perhaps less armed technology that James Bond but they are not afraid of the fight. Six actresses have taken on a role of Angels over the years, but the most famous are the first to know Farrah Fawcett, Jacklyn Smith, Kate Jackson, and Cheryl Ladd. They follow the directions of Charlie, a mysterious boss to the unknown face known like yachts and champagne. Each episode is introduced by the following message:

“It was once three beautiful daughters who had decided to engage in the police. But it had confined them in good work you little exciting. Then me, Charlie, I took out them of this nightmare to engage. And I do not regret it, because they are really Angels. »

There are a few negatives, so on the concept of the series where–filled with originality-the boss is a man, and not any man attention, a Savior! We stay on our hunger level diversity before these three women white skinny body… We would have liked to see more varied morphologies and different ethnic groups, especially in a country composed of immigrants as the United States. Instead, we have three copies of Barbie perfectly in line with the dictates of the time.

Charlie says himself: ‘ three stunning girls ‘ as if it were a criterion for hiring. They are graduates, master the weapons and the art of combat, put their lives at risk, assume identities and trades multiple but above all, do not forget to emphasize that they are beautiful…

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Yes, but inevitably, there are also some positives. If the first images of the credits show them stuck in administrative jobs, as  Charlie speaks of recruitment, we see them in action, alternating battles and races. Despite hints from sexism, it is still shown that these women have a strong potential that should be developed and used, in the same way as men.

Indeed, there is nothing that they know to do, and it’s still fun to see. Charlie’s Angels is a former series and we don’t expect that it was perfect when we see the fighting continuing at present against sexism, dictates and discrimination, but we can still remember encouraging aspects. These women are independent, strong and have free time to complete their investigations because Charlie them has absolute confidence, a strong symbol for the era.

In addition, they provide each mission with a class and breathtaking elegance. Nothing is left at random, of the toenails to the tips of hair: each look is coordinated and chic but never boring. Hats off to the stylist for his eye advised, and not any stylist: Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. We can what details stitch this genius designer to create a seventies look and become our own Charlie’s Angels?

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The flashy satin

The 1970s were years of light, sparkling and without complex when it comes to dress such a disco ball. Regularly, the three detectives appear on-screen with shirts and satin dresses, usually in bright colours.

That brings the hint of charm and counterbalances the kitsch, it’s Cup : loose coats draped or clinched to a deceptively nonchalant elegance, or sports jacket buttoned and bent in more urban way. The choice of satin and flashy colors has the merit of giving a touch of whimsy to any classic pants while enhancing the complexion: effect healthy glow guaranteed!

The sweater Turtleneck

It’s on Kate Jackson, aka Sabrina, that you can often spot the Turtleneck Sweater. Matching flared pants or a skirt to mi-mollets, always high size of course, it’s the key garment to create a class and casual look, without forgetting the comfort. Point collar or frills, a nice belt just fine.

This recurring style at the detective Sabrina fits well with a simple person and down to Earth, no frills. To work as in the street, the Turtleneck Sweater always ensures a faultless and we protects against odds all drafts.

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Part of the ranch

Autumn and earth tones, elephants leg pants belted at the waist and a thick back inside Poplin Shirt: it’s never too late to be a cowgirl, even without a horse.

Comfortable, easy and ideal to put curves in value, this look less girly but effective can be worn for any occasion. Don’t forget the pie collar to keep the disco mind! For a hint of extra coquetry, can tie the bottom of the shirt to the size as Cheryl Ladd.

Jeans and more jeans

It has already reinvested our closets this summer; c is the return of the jeans, and that’s good. Whether in pants, shirt, jacket or overalls, denim is a must of our three detectives.

Worn down with a small sweater colorful moments casual or up to accessorize a dark outfit, it remains a safe and timeless value to make a more modern outfit, until the Cup is impeccable.

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The tailor tone on tone

No need to be of the third age or to work in a bank to be a tailor set! To avoid too strict appearance, you can choose it wide, with a long straight blazer and a simple blouse. For the supreme touch, we can add a long silk scarf.

The trick is to combine clothes tone on tone and bring the dynamism and fluidity to look through the different textures and the contrast between Matt and glossy. At work or in a cocktail, easy to stand out. At worst, it’s easier to sort the laundry!

Farrah, America’s sweetheart

Colgate smile, blond mane of lioness headed flick and measurements in competition with Elle McPherson, Farrah Fawcett is the American fantasy of his time. It combines a physics of doll and a simple, sporty style. She evokes the typical ‘girl next door”, cool and friendly girl that everyone wants to know.

Her fetish outfit: flare size high and dark jeans, a pair of sneakers and a short sweater to warm to bring color tones. A sporty look, often dotted with zip, until on his shirts!

Formerly model, Farrah has immediately slashed the screen in Charlie’s Angels and ratings. Her natural sensuality and accessible demeanor melted the heart of Americans and made the fortune of the hairdressers with all clients wishing to theflick wig of Farrah.

In conclusion…

Of many Charlie’s Angels remakes have been launched over the years, in television and film, but they have never taken off. The new more naked actresses did not overshadow the originals, and for good reason: these detectives are not just pretty sexy dressed women! Their and more, it’s just the natural, subtle details. Shirts comfortable but deboutonnees a lower button collars rolled soft worn braless, to simple small sports sweaters, but colored which reveal slightly stomach or loose, classic blouses but who shine a thousand lights…

Charlie’s Angels actresses were always put in value, their curves and underlined attributes but without excess. Their looks were carefully developed by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, who confesses to having been immediately bewitched by Farrah Fawcett when they first met as she radiated freshness and charisma. At the time very inspired by style American sportswear, the stylist took the codes but narrowed version: mini Polo shirts, mini skirts… He wanted something cool without affecting sex appeal, and it’s a successful bet.

Forty years later, Charlie’s Angels remain icons of style and continue to inspire creators who want to reinstate codes seventies through strong and independent women. I suspect even Tsukasa Hōjō, the creator of the Cat’s Eye manga released in the early 1980s, he was inspired to create his three heroines glamour and badass!

So far I have no proof, but whenever I look at their sparkling outfits of thieves and their small sports jumpers, I maintain that it might well have been a fan… After all, who could resist?


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