8 dresses that highlight your waist without two sit tight

If you’re not much for tight-fitting dresses or don’t bother to struggle with belts, dresses with panel can be just the thing for you.

Dresses with panels makes you look narrower out because the dark panels at sides camouflages and highlights your waist. At the same time, it creates brighter midbody, a vertical line on your body that makes you seem taller.

solid color

White with black panels, up to size 56, 1130.90 USD + shipping, Verpass with

Pink with black panels Navabi, up to size 52, 1135.90 USD + shipping, Navabi


Print with black panels without sleeves, up to size 52, ca. 550 DKK, Little Mistress at ASOS

Print with turquoise panels, up to size 54, 780.90 USD + shipping, Studio with



Flowers with black panels, up to size 56, ca. 138 USD, Club L with ASOS

Flowers with blue panels, ca. 488 USD + shipping, Little Mistress with Evans

Stripes vertical stripes with black panels, up to size 52, 780.90 USD + shipping, Choise at Navabi

horizontal stripes with black panels, up to size 58, 780.90 USD + shipping, Zhenzi with Navabi

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