Achadões: I Would Love to Win for My Birthday

by | September 14, 2017

I spent the day thinking about a theme pro Achadões today. And, I swear, was difficult. Find a bunch of stuff we think beautiful is easy, but finding a theme. Hard, huh? But behold, there came a light.

For those who do not know, I do birthday at the end of this week. 32 years well spent.

I like to tell because I’m super lacking on my birthday. I’m one of those brand a little dinner party and is already tense thinking that will end at the table alone because no one will show up.

That type. I know there must be Aryan thing.

That said, the Achadões of today is going to be… in my honor! A short list of things I would love to win (or give me) present in this anniversary. The list criteria: I would love to win this. Point. Only. The cool thing? They might be things that you also would like to win. So bora?

Achadões I Would Love to Win for My Birthday 2

  1. Any Swimsuit And Bikini Of Haight

I’ve already spoken of Haight here. For me, the brand is one of the coolest of swimwear of recent times. Because summer’s coming here in the northern hemisphere and I’d be quite happy to have more a bikini or swimsuit. Living here in SanFran is hard to find swimwear cool and, as a matter of fact, with the lack of heat also lack animation to buy. I love especially that bikini with turtlenecks and v-neck swimsuit deep. Both for sale on The/On.

  1. Anything With Fruits Store Print Prose

I love all the Carol Village does. I think she’s beautiful, authentic and full of talent. Then, there was no way not to love the Prose Store, fruit just the talent of the girl.

I am especially in love with all the parts with the pattern “Fruits”, in particular the top cropped, the longuete dress and blouse, shoulder to shoulder. Case of passion even.

Achadões I Would Love to Win for My Birthday 3

  1. A Melissa Cosmic White

I have the pink and love. Super comfortable, Swinger, maaa doesn’t suit all. So is here recorded my desire to have a Cosmic white. So I could not take the stand.

  1. A Adô Drops Green

Seriously, is there anything more charming than round bag? Cute, unusual and even with a retro attitude that makes it harder to resist. It’s the Adô (what’s not to love the Adô?).

Has multiple colors, but I thought that green beauty pure and super different.

  1. Any Dress Of Adriana Meira

I met Adriana Meira ‘s work through the ShopAchados (the brand new e-commerce of Bia Perotti) and it was love at first sight.

Her creations are beautiful, colorful, comfortable and super playful. A breath of freshness in the middle of our day to day, you know?

My Favorites are the striped with bird design and the jeans with applications that make up a flower.

Achadões I Would Love to Win for My Birthday 1

  1. Braided Belt

In fact, he seems to be braided, but it’s not. But still beautiful anyway. I thought chic at the last. Of those that you put in a little black dress old and is ready for any place. And the colors? Combine with EVERYTHING.

  1. Raf/Finerie Earrings

They have a great selection of accessories, but what really captured my heart were even earrings, especially those of resin. Beautiful, with retro face, have all model like. Some larger and more extravagant, others a broccolini, but all full of personality. My Favorites in a clockwise direction: the blue, the coral with shells, Black with large shells and turtle.

  1. Basically Anything Of The Bunch

I love this site. Just something cute, beautiful, charming, funny. OK, not everything is very useful. But everything is pretty cool. Type the purse of gym with the phrase: “After this we’re getting pizza” (“after that, we go eat pizza”).

Also loved the shirt with the hearts and the little plate of heart happy. Pure cuteness.

Ready! Now you already know some gifts that I would enjoy. You like it too? Would be happy with one of these? Oh! And don’t forget to give me congratulations on Saturday, huh?