Android Ends The Year Dominating in The United States, According to ComScore

by | July 6, 2017

A few days ago spoke of the end of the year in the United States and the results of the last quarter of Nielsen. Android leads the market While Apple continues to grow at a good pace and the rest are gradually losing share in a race in which, for the time being, have failed to pick him up the pace.

It is always good to compare data and therefore we have to talk about the report she has presented ComScore makes two days; Android continues to grow (2.5% in the last three months) and finished the year as the most widely used operating system. In total, a 47.3%. Its most direct competitor, Apple, followed with a 29.6 market share.

The manufacturer that over these three months has fallen has been RIM. Has lost one share of 2.9% Despite that, ironies of life, all the Android are equal. It is not surprising therefore that the Canadian company are giving away Playbooks that developers take their applications to this operating system.

In terms of manufacturers list presents few innovations. Samsung is maintained with a 25.3% the market of smartphones while qe LG and Motorola fall a 0.6 and 0.5 respectively. Apple on the other hand is who has grown more (2.2%) in large part by the success of the iPhone 4S.

After finishing with the 2011 it will be interesting see where comes Android this year. Forecasts are good, the market will continue to expand and more and there will be more smartphones. However, with a share of almost half of the market difficult to grow percentage but that Yes, will continue to grow in number of terminals.