Andy Rubin: Google Built a Wall between Motorola and Android

by | July 17, 2017

While it is true that now Google has it much easier when it comes to manufacture its own terminals and optimize different versions of Android, because of the recent acquisition of Motorola, it might not be as much as many think. And is one of the co-founders of the current Android, Andy Rubin, who has clarified things in this regard.

As stated, the team of Android does not know anything about Motorola products, since Google was “ literally ” build a wall among these. It is also true that this can change over time, although time Android will have no predilection for anyone, subject which is confirmed with the announcement that LG’s could be who manufactured the next Nexus terminal.

It is of a double edged sword You should be very careful, in my view. Yield too many privileges to a company against all the others can be a threat to them, that while they would not most dangerous statements of expectations, might jeopardize your business on behalf of favorite son, for everything that that entails.

During the interview, which took place during the MWC, Rubin also said the situation of the tablets on the global scene. He mentioned that there is still a low adoption of the Android tablet in general, settling in total sales of 12 million devices, which contrast with 50 having those of Cupertino. That is why, as reviewed in reference to developers of applications for tablets: “ we are beginning to appear on the radar, and I hope that people decide to take the rest providing muscle and make your applications work properly in tablets & #8221;.