Appears The Nexus 5 in Inventory of Large Distributors and The First Image Taken with It

A leak of a string of large distributors inventory could not miss, in this round of leaks almost daily by the hand of Google, in the form of free advertising. Could not miss a picture posted in Google + or Picasa with all the image exif data.

And here they are, have today released both. On the one hand, we have the inventory of chain Carphone Warehouse (equivalent to The Phone House in Spain), showing us the Nexus 5 stock in white. 1,500 units of this device with other 1,500 black, although these no image.

We already knew this chain of mobile inventory screen, so we can give you some truth-telling to the filtration. It is unknown if these 3,000 units correspond to the international stock, even if it would be very small, given the size of the Distributor and the high expectation around the Nexus 5.

On the other hand, has today released an image taken with this phone in Google + the hand of a woman in Google, which teaches us vegetables directly from your garden, with the exif data in full.

As we see above, the phone will have a Aperture f/2.4, nothing groundbreaking here, and one resolution of 8 megapixels, also a pretty standard resolution, even in the middle range. Will have to see more details since Google had promised a remarkable improvement in this paragraph, and resolutions are not everything.